Emerging artist, Zac Hoffman AKA Loser Angeles, is a visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. Employing a variety of mediums, Loser’s work features common subjects and characters applied spontaneously within his pieces. This juxtaposition examines and emphasises a subject close to the artist’s heart, “the oddness of the ordinary.”

Hoffman’s work was initially influenced by that of his abstract artist Mother. Growing up in New York, his work then took frame from artists such as Barry McGee and Thomas Campbell. Other influential artists include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Katherine Bradford and Charles Bukowski. Thematically, Hoffman’s work is inspired by the absurd and non-sensical, with his narrative creating conceptual challenge for the viewer, or who he prefers to describe as “the participant”, to push them to abandon any preconceived meaning. His frequent use of vibrant, primary colours, bold graphics and text woven within his work, aims to evoke the primitive desire to see harmony in discord.

The artist has been quoted, both eloquently and tersely in equal measure, as saying, “I find most things in everyday life pretty odd. I think one of the strangest aspects of modern human life has to be the newfound need to broadcast their personal lives on the internet. The constant surveillance that humans provide each other leaves such little room for imagination…My brother and I were dropped off at the beach by my Mom and picked up at sunset in the same location. Cell phones were not in the picture and life was simple. Breathing (now) is pretty odd as well. I try to remind myself how lucky we are to be breathing in the first place. But we’ve been doing it so damn long, it’s hard not to take it for granted.”

That artist has exhibited in group shows in the Downtown LA gallery in 2020 and had a residency in the In Heroes We Trust Gallery in 2019 in the same city. In his native LA, he has been earmarked as an artist whose star is on the rise.

Solo Exhibitions

2021 “Sports” Shit Art Club Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

2018 “Paradis Welldus” Gotta Have it, Venice, California, USA


Group Exhibitions

2020 “Shit Art Show #3” Shit Art Club Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

2020 “Paradis Welldus” 1700 Naud Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

2020 “Halloween” Innerspace Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

2019 “Contemporary Artifacts” The Art Cave, Santa Cruz, California, USA
2019 “Block Party” Mar Vista Group Show, Los Angeles, California, USA

2019 “Funhouse” Counter Culture Arts, Saginaw, Michigan, USA

2019 “Beach Life” Redondo Beach, California, USA

2019 “All-Stars Kung Foo Expo” Vista, California, USA

2018 “Artifesto” Inglewood, California, USA

2018 “Shit Art Show #2” Laguna Beach, California, USA

2018 “Chalk Leg” Mar Vista Art Department, Venice, California, USA

2018 “Grapefruit Seminar” Mar Vista Group Show, Mar Vista, California, USA

2018 “Have A Great Bummer” Amigas Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA

2017 “Shit Art Show #1” Del Rey, Los Angeles, California, USA

2017 “Etnies Skatepark Art Show” Lake Forest, California, USA

2017 “Meat Jesus Reloaded” East Los Angeles, California, USA
2017 “Vagabond Music and Art Festival” Garden Grove Amphitheater, California, USA

2016 “Corporate Business Plan” Innerspace Gallery, Arts District, Los Angeles, California, USA



2021 “Loser Angeles Won’t Play Ball” Monster Children Publications

2020 “Shit Art Club Are Building a Rocket at 1700 Naud” Monster Children Publications

2019 “Seen: Losing is Winning” Left Bank Magazine Article



2020 Residency at 1700 Naud Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

2019 Residency at In Heroes We Trust Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA