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The Art of Spain – Group Show Featuring: Amaya Iturri, Clare Toms, David Green, Guim Tio Zarraluki (Spain), Helen Naylor, Jacqui Doran, Jason Bryant (USA), Jennifer Mondfrans (USA), Jennifer Murray (USA), Johnny Romeo, Juan Arata (Germany), Karina Rungenfeld (Latvia), Kate McCarthy, Kathryn Mitchell, El Wenche Winlove (UK), Luke Yocum (USA), Masha Vereshchenko (USA), Michaela Kloeckner, Natalia La Pena Gonzalez […]

The Art of Spain Opening Night in Coast Confidential! On the Opening Night of The Art of Spain Group Show we were very lucky to have Regina King and Peter Flowers from The Gold Coast Bulletin’s Coast Confidential come along and take photographs of all the wonderful people who came and saw the show! As […]

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