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Tinygold Opening Night – Group show Featuring: Abigael Whittaker, Alice Lang, Andrea Fisher, André Piguet, Craig Amos, Guy L. Warren, Hannah Noir, Hemma Kearney, Honor Bowden, Kane Ingwersen, Kim André Olsen, Laura Kirkke, Leander D’Ambrosia, Nic Plowman, Renata Buziak, Roxanna Chan, Simon Degroot, Svenja Kratz, Thor Elias Engelstad and Vanessa L. Williams

PAP SPEARS brings together nine emerging artists Sue Dodd, Mari Hirata, Anthony Lister, Daniel McKewen, Alasdair Macintyre, Sebastian Moody, Archie Moore, David Spooner and Jemima Wyman, and is curated by Mariam Arcilla. The theme focuses on the sell-ability of modern day celebrities in a society where fame and notoriety equates to success, and being worshiped. […]

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