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Solo shows by Peter Nowotny and R.Nicholas Kuszyk Peter Nowotny – ‘Reflection Ornaments and the Spirit of Gold Coast’ R.Nicholas Kuszyk – ‘Wave Rave’ Despite the crazy weather that was being thrown at us, the opening night was an amazing success with many art lovers braving the elements to come along and meet Nick, and […]

Solo shows by Dan Withey and Leigh Pearson Dan Withey – ‘Influx’ Leigh Pearson – ‘Anew’ Group show – ‘Together’ – curated by Patrick Oudin  Featuring: Didier Bled, Gregory Bled, Guy Fontdeville, Hugue Renck, Jacque Etienne, Jean-Pierre Rousset, Jonathen  Morisset, Martine Itasse, Patricia Nikdad, Patrick Oudin and Xavier de Kepper What an amazing night! We […]

Group show at the Sofitel Gold Coast- A tribute to Michael Jackson’s 10 Best Film Clips Participating Artists: Anne Smerdon, Auguste Blackman, Beck Wheeler, Carole King, Dana Ellyn, Elisa Pettenon, Jacqui Doran, James Freiberg, Jason Bryant, Jessica Watts, Johnny Romeo, Kate McCarthy, Kelly Sullivan, Kris Abigail Atienza, Matt Sesow, Masha Vereshchenko, Melissa Read-Devine, Michaela Kloeckner, […]

Solo shows by Carole King, Guim Tió Zarraluki, Jacqui Doran and Sarah Beetson Carole King – ‘Water World’ Guim Tió Zarraluki Jacqui Doran – ‘Blood & Bone’ Sarah Beetson – ‘All of the Places that I have Lived’ Photography: Kylie Cox, Laura Rodriguez Castro and Mark Bermingham  

Solo shows by Amanda Shelsher, Anne Smerdon, Jacqui Doran and Jennifer Mondfrans Amanda Shelsher – ‘Nature, Nurture Anne Smerdon – ‘Wild Horses’ Jacqui Doran – ‘Wild Things’ and Jennifer Mondfrans – ‘At Least I have You to  Rememeber Me’ Photography: Laura Rodriquez Castro, Kylie Cox and Mark Bermingham

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