Hosted By 19 Karen

August 1st - August 22nd, 2009

tinygold is a Gold Coast based Not-for-Profit artist-run initiative providing emerging Queensland artists with an avenue for work creation and exposure. Tales from the Cold Ghost III is an annual exhibition introducing new artists to the wider Queensland community, and encouraging resources, support and networking strategies concerning regional and emerging arts support. The organisers promise a bigger show this year, with a 3-week celebration featuring an exhibition, live gigs, an afterparty, an arts-networking day and a fashion parade. tinygold is supported by the Arts Queensland Visual Arts and Craft Strategy and a Regional Arts Cultural Development Fund.

Artists: Simone Eisler , Mel Stringer, Sue-Ching Lascelles, Benjamin Werner, Linelle Stepto, Ross Mc Master Dhana Merritt, Amanda Ceccato, Matt Malone, Carly Kotynski, Deb Mostert, Chloe Cogle, Alex Chomicz, Danielle Clej , Anna Mc Mahon, Warren Handley, Sam Smith, Joanna Kambourian, Rachael Bartram, Pia Robinson, Rose Feely, Liam Mathers,Simone Louise Gillespie, Mandy Beaumont, Joe Baker + Alle Davidson-Farnworth |Fashion designers (1 night only|Aug22) Ruby & Prankstar, Sharka Bosakova, Indigo Joker, Away, All-Eco Design, Blossom Betty, Box Vintage.

Curated by: Mariam Arcilla and Megan Cope (tinygold).


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