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Hosted By 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

May 6th - June 18th, 2017

Solo Show


Living in a world with both societal and personal problems, don’t we all sometimes dream of finding an enchanted lamp, (like Aladdin did) that once rubbed would summons a mystical genie that could make all our wishes come true, or at least three! Would you make wishes for yourself, your loved ones, or humanity as a whole?

My current body of work explores my imagination, and my inner desires, hopes and dreams, through a series of abstract/expressive paintings each depicting a different ‘wish’ I’d like to see granted, not just for myself but for everyone in need.

I have a vivid imagination and dreams that run wild so I have created these abstract paintings by firstly writing words, affirmations, stories and feelings onto the timber surface related to each particular theme or idea.  I then use my signature technique of overlaying the paint, layer after layer, dripping ink, making marks and developing any symbolic imagery that spontaneously emerges into the artwork. I keep painting until I can see and feel the beauty and harmony that exists between the colours, composition and shapes, which often takes many painting sessions. For me, abstract art removes the burden of perfectionism that I often feel and allows the painting to evolve naturally and sometimes unexpectedly.

When the painting is finished, the hidden words and stories underneath the paint are absent from view, but they create an extra layer of depth to the artwork and enhance the overall message, emotions and theme the painting is conveying.

Each painting has been titled quite broadly as to incorporate many different aspects of the titles interpretation into the meaning of the painting.

Rub the magic lamp! What three wishes would you like the Genie to grant you?….then believe that anything is possible.




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