Participating Artists


Hosted By 19 KAREN

February 18th - March 17th, 2012

Artist Statement

A ‘trap’ street is a misrepresentation on a map. It is either accidental or an intended copyright trap. Paper towns and mountains have been placed on maps for the same purpose. Presented here are some characters and stories from a Paper Town.

This is the 11th solo show from the broader series “ Is the map the territory” which was first conceived in France in 2008; once whilst meandering through the streets of an unusually snow covered Marseille, Richard Denny discovered an abandoned box of maps. Upon further examination, it was an extensive collection, holding portrayals of most regions of France.

As the overlord of general semantics Alfred Korzybski once said: “A map is not the territory”. This highlights the notion that one can peer at a map, and understand the layout of the land via it, but the map will only ever signify the geography of what is there, never accurately describe its nuances. By deploying the found maps as an actual canvas, and a basis for his characters, Richard Denny has found a means of dripping flavours of personality and territory over the maps. Using the lines of contour, river, border and road, Richard Denny paints in his own lines, shapes and textures. Later, from these cartographic cross-hatchings emerge characters representing people, daily experiences and settings.


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