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Patrick McMahon – Colourscapes

Hosted By 19 Karen

October 21st - December 1st, 2017

Solo Show



Colourscapes – an exploration of colour with Patrick McMahon.

This body of work is a continuation of a theme I have been working on for a long time – Colour and Movement.

Inspired by the colours and patterns of nature, from the sparkling opals to the dazzling corals to the geographical shapes in the landscape, my works invite the eye to be entertained by colour.

I start with the background of the painting, painting over it to achieve a balance and then again, transforming it completely with each layer. After a certain point, it seems to paint itself. I never know exactly what it will be like until the last strokes are done – it is like a colour puzzle I put together. I push the colours and create shapes that play against each other – a kaleidoscope of hues. Sometimes I paint to a colour plan, other times changing it to no rules, whatever looks balanced. There is no up or down, no particular way a painting has to be hung, that is up to the viewer to decide what appeals to them.

These ‘Colourscapes’ are a colour journey from pale pastels to screaming neons, entertaining the eye of the viewer and taking them on a journey but ultimately letting them decide what they see.

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