No Promises

Hosted By 19 Karen

November 29th - December 14th, 2008

Group show

Nicholas Chalmers teams intricate and detailed ink-work on wood along with loosely pained canvases and short films. He presents quirky angles on his social views and situations.

Merry Wilson works almost exclusively within portraiture however visually twists this practice to create an unconventional and innovative version of the traditional portrait.

Hannah Smith’s works explore a range of mediums including ink, pencils and embossing. In these works, there is an obsessive concern with mark making and surface, which is reflected in process of creating these works.

Inspired by recent travels to California, Ben Havenaar’s works explore the fear that lives within us. He works mainly with acrylics on canvas and also likes to explore with rattle cans, oils, pencils and film.


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