Hosted By 19 Karen

August 29th - September 19th, 2009


Formally trained as graphic designer and enjoying owning a successful graphic design studio, it was not until a life changing event that I followed my true passion, painting. I draw heavily from what the universe has on offer.

I am obsessed with colour, its vibrance, it subtleties. I feel as if I can swim in colour, hear it, taste it, feel it and of course see it. It fascinates me and how it resonates with people. The paintings themselves are a visual response derived from and relating to and or consisting of experiences, both physical and emotional. It seems as though it is an instinctive process, I challenge myself to capture, translate and communicate each concept and moment of time in an expressive form.

My obsession with colour and how it triggers emotional reactions subconsciously and consciously is evident in my latest body of work. The fluid application of paint is obvious, creating a sense of freedom and movement, this new found technique will be further explored and investigated.

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