Participating Artists

LUKE YOCUM – Champagne Hipster

Hosted By 19 KAREN

March 24th - April 21st, 2012

Artist Statement

Champagne Hipster is a glimpse into the fake, superficial, trust-funded swine of today’s Brooklyn beatnik. The disparity between those over 30 and those who are not old enough to appreciate the long look back on the retro coolness of the 1980’s; a thrift store found by an up and coming pop musician that sparks the interest of designers to accessorize the youth with cameras they no longer make film for and tapes that cannot be played; a poverty lined wardrobe littering the streets, reeking of high-end cell phones and designer frames whilst soldiers die, the economy is recessionary, and the World Trade Center is gone…this our city, this is our America, this is our delusion of grandeur. A trend no one will admit to indulging in, whilst all the upper echelon unblushingly partake in it. The last hoorah of a beyond-the-grave, yuppie driven, market controlled force. As with any generation, it tries to define itself, and with any generation’s revolution we find ourselves captivated by the blinding light and speed. I too find myself drawn, often wondering why? Often questioning that maybe I have grown too old, too quick.


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