Leisa Russell – Pipedream

Hosted By 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

October 21st - December 1st, 2017

Solo Show

Artist Statement

I developed a passion for making artworks from found objects either from natural or industrial environments. Using clay as my medium I replicate and manipulate the objects to create forms that complement the themes and messages around what my projects portray.

Pipedreams evolved from a long-time obsession with plumbing fittings which led to this body of work depicting my personal and environmental views through a series of structured pipe works. Over 56 moulds were produced of the different pipe and fitting profiles. Those pipes with distinctive features were carefully inlaid by hand then layers of coloured slips poured in sequence. When each component was removed from its mould it was trimmed, dried, sanded, polished then fired once, glazed, then fired a final time before being assembled into their desired sequence, a labyrinth of pipes and fittings which resemble sometimes organic, sometimes industrial forms.

I enjoy using colour, texture and design to arouse not only the visual journey but most importantly to provoke a tactile experience for my audience.


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