LAURA JONES – No Man’s Land

Hosted By 19 Karen

March 28th - April 25th, 2009

Laura has exhibited in over 17 solo and group shows around Australia, including Chiang Mai University (Thailand), Brunswick St. Gallery (Melbourne) and Orson and Blake Gallery (Sydney).

Laura’s portraits are snapshots of the diverse ways in which young females build their individual identities, and how they communicate and act in an ever-changing world.

Laura’s use of vibrant colours and thick, drip painting techniques have attracted critical attention. She has been hailed by Deborah Edwards, Senior Curator at Australian Gallery of NSW, as a “sophisticated colourist” with “technical prowess” and “capacity to engender mood and character in the portrait form.”

Using friends as subject matter, the artist explores a specific and critical moment in time in the history and culture of Australia.

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