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JOHNNY ROMEO – Grindhouse

Hosted By 19 KAREN

January 19th, 2013

GRINDHOUSE, the debut New York show by Johnny Romeo, sees the internationally acclaimed Australian Pop artist in truly incendiary form. A napalm-drenched love letter to grindhouse cinema, the series is a righteously rollicking celebration of all things sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Drawing on the quirky nihilism of Tarantino and the vicious vixens of classic Russ Meyers, GRINDHOUSE is an explosive exploration of our fascination with death and destruction. Like the schlocky films of its namesake, the series is gleefully irreverent and exhilarating in its seductive, violent energy. With his arsenal of brash, expressive colours, pop-inflected punk grit, and commanding graphic imagery, each work is a visual Molotov cocktail of buxom babes, high-octane cars and skulls that laugh in the face of death.


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