HANNAH SMITH – Eat, Sleep, Have Visions

Hosted By 19 Karen

June 6th - July 4th, 2009


In an obsessive nature in Hannah Smith’s work, made up of a myriad and assortment of lines, shapes, patterns and surface. As a drawer, Hannah’s work muses over an automatic drawing process, favoured by the surrealists, which for hours on end requires the artist to engage in repetitive mark making allowing for an array of images, slowly revealing themselves as a resolved work.

Hannah uses a range of materials including ink, pencils and embossing which are carried onto a cotton rag paper. The density and surface of the paper, places a huge emphasis on the fragility of the forms, containing a preciousness about them.

Contrary to working on a clean surface, Hannah also has carried out mark making onto timber surfaces. In working on timber, it has allowed for a bolder experimentation with her obsessive mark making, using paint and the timber itself to create a play on organic forms and objects. In working on differing surfaces, rag paper or timber, generated through either a hair line pencil stroke or layering or shapes the intricacies of the designs fulfill an engaging experience with the fragility and convulsions of the marks, which reflect a solar system of possibility

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