Gola Hundun – 7.6 Billion and Still Growing

Hosted By 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

March 24th - April 28th, 2018

Italian artist Gola Hundun is coming to Australia for his debut Australian show with 19 Karen.


7.6 Billion and still growing – the number of human beings that inhabit the Earth today.

This body of work is a consideration of the impact Homo Sapiens have on the environment throughout time. From the agricultural revolution to colonisation and to globalisation, I track an environmental journey through different stages of human history.

I aim to take the viewer on a visual journey about the consequences of expansion and the impact of humans,  a process that started when they first left their mother land, Africa, during the Paleolithic era and hasn’t stopped.

“At the deepest level, the destabilization of the biosphere support system is the result of the impact caused by the process of expansion and domination over nature that Homo Sapiens launched sixty thousand years ago, when he left his African home and It launched itself to the conquest and occupation of all continents, ecosystems and natural environments, and this process has been maintained without interruption until now. ” – Antxon Olabe Egaña





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