FREDERIC TRUTEAU – 13 Winks to Andy

Hosted By 19 KAREN

February 18th - March 17th, 2012

Artist Statement

‘13 Winks to Andy’: this exhibition came from my first nod to Andy Warhol with my painting, ‘Sardines’. It’s a mixture of my style of painting in the manner of Andy Warhol and illustrates a famous story about the city of Marseille. This painting has been very popular and I can really say that this was the starting point for the exhibition. Through my style of work and that of Andy Warhol, I want to share and show the subjects by which I am deeply touched. Australia is one of my favourite themes along with my home, the south of France (Provence); you will see the inspiration from these places in this exhibition. I also use consumer products and the repetition of the object such as Andy might do, as well as using close-up perspectives to show the best of the subject. Through the mixture of all these techniques of painting, framing, colours and subjects, I hope to give this exhibition a feeling of Modernism and Pop.


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