Hosted By 19 Karen

October 24th - November 21st, 2009

Artist Statement

My work is a combination of hand-made and digital processes combined to create wall hangings that feature a subtle 3D, sculpture-like quality. This exhibition also shows my exploration of applying my Fine Arts techniques to product design. As a result, the Soft Cuts show will feature a range of timber cut and engraved jigsaw puzzles and clocks, designed to fit in with the rest of the body of work which will be artworks created using timber, with some featuring fabric and paper embellishments.

It is important that my works are displayed in a way which takes advantage of the 3D quality of each piece. I intend to mount each timber cut about half an inch from the wall so that shadows will be created as the light crosses them. I will also be utilizing the floor space by adhering a large vinyl version of my work to the floor and the ceiling fixtures will be used to allow be to hang some works made to be suspended from the middle of the room.

My main intention is to rekindle the audiences appreciation for fine detail and craftmanship, by providing them with a body of work that presents them with impossibly fine detailing embedded within a broad range of materials. Each work will tell a part of a story, about what it means to be alive, what it means to die while acknowledging the beautiful parts in between.

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