DAN WITHEY – Happiness Inc.

Hosted By 19 KAREN

March 30th - April 27th, 2013

Happiness is an industry, retail therapy, spending in a vain attempt to fill the void, attempting to heal ourselves with objects when what we really need is to strengthen our own self awareness and our relationships with others. The importance of friends, family and the beauty of the world around us is eroding because of our inability to understand true values. How do we start to live within our means? Do we need 47 televisions when we don’t have 47 channels? Does it really make our lives better or us any happier to have 1000 pairs of shoes? This show takes a sarcastic & ironic look at the crazy world in which we live and how being the richest person in the world is not necessarily being the happiest.  We’ve heard the sayings before; money can’t buy you happiness, you can’t take it with you etc etc but when are we actually going to listen.


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