CLARE TOMS – Fleeting Bonds

Hosted By 19 Karen

October 27th - November 24th, 2012

Artist Statement

The Fleeting Bonds series explores memory and the concept of time as transience, the seconds and moments throughout life that blend to create the passing of time. Somewhat like a fading memory, it is in it’s transience that time holds immense value.
Life becomes a series of images, instances that are ephemeral and transient, hugely significant and meaningless in the same moment. A second in time can mean little, or it can completely change our lives. There is a tension between time being experienced as completely untouchable once it has passed, yet in a single moment, has the potential to leave an impact and change which lasts forever.
These works act as memento-mori pieces, reminding us of the rapid, momentary association of things- moments, people and bonds that meet and pass. They aim to explore fragility and beauty, strength and vulnerability: a juxtaposition and tension between the fleeting and the perpetual.


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