Participating Artists

Bitter Sweet – Group Show

Hosted By 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

March 18th - May 31st, 2017




An International Group Exhibition

Curated by


Featuring a selection of 23 International and Australian artists exploring both the bitter and the sweet, the dark and the light, the love and the pain.

.“Simplicity and complexity need one another, light cannot exist without the dark. We would love to surround our reality with only the sweetness but how would we know of its existence without the bitterness that accompanies it. In all matters the two extremes must accompany our journey in order to know the depth of human emotion. The universe is about balance, if one never experienced bitterness, hurt, anger and disappointment, no matter how distasteful to accept, or painful and unpleasant, we would never recognise nor appreciate the sweetness, love, the joy of being alive. 

In this exhibition the artists have been asked to look at both the bitter and the sweet, the dark and the light, the love and the pain, and draw from their own life experiences to create emotive and expressive works.  Works that make the viewer feel.” Danijela Krha Purssey, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, beautiful.bizarre

Exhibiting Artists:

Alexandra Levasseur, Crystal Morey, Edith Lebeau, Emilio Villalba, Erika Sanada, Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak, Harold Munoz, Hieu Nguyen, Julie Filipenko, Kazuhiro Hori, Kildren, Kirsten Stingle, Lisa King, Marie Larkin, Margarita Sampson, Mahlimae, Pamela Wilson, Pippa McManus, Rebecca Leveille, Sarah Louise Davey, Sarah Dolby, Sergio Lopez, Yosuke Ueno



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