ANNE SMERDON – Wild Horses

Hosted By 19 KAREN

May 11th - June 8th, 2013

Artist Statement

Oh to see a horse! To smell a horse! To touch a horse! To ride and horse!
From birth I have been obsessed with horses. They possess such elegance and majesty, seemingly all-knowing and wise. Even the most timid and feeble of characters can sit atop a horse and be empowered with strength and freedom.

This body of works is inspired by sixteen very special tovero paint horses on a 300 acre property in Piggabeen, NSW and one charismatic paint horse from the Currumbin Valley. I am gratefully indebted to all who have helped this body of works come to life – from the models who posed as my muses, to the make-up-artists and photographers who helped to document my vision and most especially to the horse owners and trainers who allowed me to enter their lives and paddocks – I could not have been happier sitting amongst the cascading fields whilst horses grazed around me).


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