ABIGAEL WHITTAKER – The Vision Splendid

Hosted By 19 Karen

July 31st - August 28th, 2010

Artist Statement

The Vision Splendid is the third solo show from inspiring Brisbane based artist, Abigael Whittaker. Opening Saturday July 31st at 19 Karen Contemporary Art Space, The Vision Splendid illustrates a personal quest described with an honest optimism that is both beautiful and captivating. While Abigael’s preceding bodies of work utilised her signature textile based detailing, it is in The Vision Splendid that this is explored in a most celebratory fashion.

Concentrating here on the ultimate beauty of circumstance, it is Abigael’s use of opulent detailing that communicates this splendid vision in its truest form. With personal symbology intrinsic to the narrative of her work, Abigael refuses to give too much away, as though in this journey its all about her own interpretation, so you the viewer must communicate with it in your own way to gain each piece’s potential revelation. With each composition referencing Abigael’s own interpretation of the Tarot cards from which she drew much inspiration, viewers are invited to approach the works with their own questions about how they hope to reach the ultimate enlightenment – The Vision Splendid.

With a suggestion that it is only through questioning one’s own mortality that a person can truly reach this absolute, a chilling honesty describes a once intoxicating despair remedied only by a belief in the power of positive thought and decisive action.



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