Participating Artists


Hosted By 19 Karen

March 28th - April 25th, 2009


“Rings on my fingers and bells on my toes, naked skin and coloured fabric; forget the broken heart, remember only the mending. I am beating a drum to my own rhythm.”

The work of Abigael Whittaker can be described as a revealing tapestry of memories through the guise of the splendid, the imagined and the heartfelt. Her elaborate painterly collages while exposing her vulnerability as well as strength as a woman, point to the same scenarios that we all face in life, relationships and expectations.

Intricate weavings of fabric collage and understated paint strokes tell stories reminiscent of the poetry and fairytales from which she draws inspiration. The works read as narratives on the very real experiences of this Brisbane based artist. However we are invited into the secret garden of Abigael’s life, taken on a gypsy adventure as she wanders searching for the answers to the questions that she’s found along the way.

Gypsy is a voyage of discovery through memories of life, love & heartbreak.


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