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Tasmania-based artist Kate McCarthy presented an artist talk at Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach’s Room81 on Sunday 24 February. In conjunction with her solo show, ‘A mon tour – Koolamara’, Kate shared an insight into various aspects of her arts practice, including; inspiration and themes, work processes, education and training. Photography: Kylie Cox 4+

Homage to Hollywood – Group Show Featuring: Anne Smerdon, Bernd Riebe (Germany), Carmel Debreuil, Clare Toms, Jacqui Doran, Jason Bryant (USA), Jennifer Mondfrans (USA), Jennifer Murray (USA), Johnny Romeo, Juan Arata (Germany), Juliet Foxtrot, Kate McCarthy, Masha Vereshchenko (USA), Peter-John de Villiers (Norway), Ray Paul (USA), Rebecca Murphy, Sarah Beetson, Xenia Marita Riebe (Germany), Yuki Crawford Photography: […]

Solo shows by Abigael Whittaker, Hilton Owen, Cristina Troufa and Masha Vereshchenko Abigael Whittaker – ‘Paper. Fish. Tree.’ Hilton Owen – ‘Distant Screams’ Cristina Troufa – ‘Subjective Freedom’ Masha Vereshchenko – ‘The Last Heartbeat’ Photography: Kylie Cox and Laura Rodriguez Castro 4+

The Art of Spain – Group Show Featuring: Amaya Iturri, Clare Toms, David Green, Guim Tio Zarraluki (Spain), Helen Naylor, Jacqui Doran, Jason Bryant (USA), Jennifer Mondfrans (USA), Jennifer Murray (USA), Johnny Romeo, Juan Arata (Germany), Karina Rungenfeld (Latvia), Kate McCarthy, Kathryn Mitchell, El Wenche Winlove (UK), Luke Yocum (USA), Masha Vereshchenko (USA), Michaela Kloeckner, Natalia La Pena Gonzalez […]

SMALL – International Group Show Featuring: Alyson Melberg-Taylor, Blok, Casey Oneal, Chris Baird, Chris Duncan, Cycle, D’Metrius Rice, Dennis McNett, Ed Trask, El Kamino, HOW and NOSM, James Callahan, James Davis, Jasper Patch, Jeff Soto, Jeremy Taylor, Jessie Rose Vala, Jonathan Mehring, Katherine Chanler, Kelie Bowman, Langdon Graves, Maya Hayuk, Monica Canilao, PARS, Patrick Berran, […]

Travelling art exhibition launch Three Sixty Project launches ONE x ONE x ONE, a travelling art exhibition developed in the aim of generating funds to fuel projects that benefit underdeveloped youth markets globally. Heading to three of Australia’s skateboard capitals Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, and with artwork curated in a collaborative effort by Qwux […]

Live Painting Project and Cash & Carry Stockroom Show Four 19 Karen artists, Gimiks Born, TWOONE, Donna Sharam and Nolwenn Stephan, painted works throughout the afternoon from scratch which were later auctioned off to the highest bidder. In conjunction with the Live Painting Project was the Cash & Carry Sale where pieces could be purchased […]

Group show: Homage to Frida Featuring: Abigael Whittaker, Amanda Shelsher, Amaya Iturri, Anne Smerdon, Beck Wheeler, Ben Sheers, Dan Withey, Gwenda Maree McDougall, Jeremy Piert, Jesse Dolman, Jessica Charlotte, JME Pool, Johnny Romeo, Joshua Smith, Juan Arata, Juliet Foxtrot, Kate McCarthy, Luke Yocum, Maria Rozalia Finna, Nolwenn Stephan, Rebecca Murphy, Richard Denny, Sarah Beetson, Simone Maynard, […]

Solo shows by Claire Steele and Guy L. Warren Claire Steele – ‘Connected’ Guy L. Warren – ‘Resurface’ Group show ‘Chapter 1: Menagerie’ Featuring: Thom Buchanan, Peter Drew and Rohan Fraser Plus special release: ‘Ned Kelly Hero Series’ by Johnny Romeo Photography: Carmel Dunne Click HERE to watch a video of the evening Filming and editing: […]

Tinygold Opening Night – Group show Featuring: Abigael Whittaker, Alice Lang, Andrea Fisher, André Piguet, Craig Amos, Guy L. Warren, Hannah Noir, Hemma Kearney, Honor Bowden, Kane Ingwersen, Kim André Olsen, Laura Kirkke, Leander D’Ambrosia, Nic Plowman, Renata Buziak, Roxanna Chan, Simon Degroot, Svenja Kratz, Thor Elias Engelstad and Vanessa L. Williams 7+

PAP SPEARS brings together nine emerging artists Sue Dodd, Mari Hirata, Anthony Lister, Daniel McKewen, Alasdair Macintyre, Sebastian Moody, Archie Moore, David Spooner and Jemima Wyman, and is curated by Mariam Arcilla. The theme focuses on the sell-ability of modern day celebrities in a society where fame and notoriety equates to success, and being worshiped. […]


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