Rebecca Leveille

While Looking Elsewhere


Oil and resin on canvas

50.8 x 50.8 cm


The elements of toile wallpaper, blue willow china patterns, and candy colored dots carry with them an amalgam of associations, including love, pain, trauma and conflict. The toile wallpaper and the china patterns in her recent work also bring complex cultural associations of domesticity and colonial exoticism. Leveille combines these elements with images of people both friends and strangers, icons from pop culture, and often text, in a quest to convey the turmoil of imagery and feelings that move her and the work. Thus,the work is an exploration of the way personal symbols combine with mass produced patterns and pop culture imagery to create consciousness.
In the two pieces created for Bitter/Sweet she is exploring a layered environment.These strata exists both symbolically in the the patters overlaying the forms/figures and the physical execution of the piece throughout the layers of the resin. They represent the compression of influence on our awareness- the multiplicity of things that effect us at once in any given moment, especially within the culture we live in today with fragmented attention and the barrage of symbols, images and memory that ask ourself to digest around us in every moment.
The Sweet aspect of the work is the obvious beauty of each object( the faces influenced by 19th century portraiture, blue sky, waves, flowers, dots wallpaper, etc… ) – the Bitter is the confusion that we ask ourselves to exist through to “see” through every day.

$4600 AUD

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