Posca on MDF Board

80cm x 80cm (Framed)

Artist statement

“I believe in order to achieve true happiness the important thing is self-discipline (self-control). You have to structure your self to achieve true happiness. Channel your self with it, create a mind set that automatically turns something that might look really negative to others into something positive.  With this piece I tried to display what the title says, sun in the centre position represents energy of happiness and we are all trying to get there. Pink heart soldiers represent ‘Discipline’ and are marching towards the sun trying to unlock the door to happiness, wide opened eyes on each side of the painting represent ‘vision’ trying to look for happiness. Ship represents the human word and are also looking for the true happiness.”


More Info

Payment plans are an option on certain works, please contact us at info@19karen.com.au to inquire.


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