Acrylic on canvas

122 x 122 cm


What makes an Artist touching you deeply? His paintings? His drawings? His colours? His style?

It is part of the indescribable, of this impossibility to translate feelings, a gut instinct…. I am a creative person in the sense of the word, an artist always in action, going where unexpected. One could say I am a Jack-of-all-trades, but there is a coherence in what I paint or draw. Black is always there, a black from soul depth, a fragile black when the artist is on a thread, a constant balance. I try to confide my inner demons through an aesthetic at the same time dark and engaging.

“Patchwork” is a summary of my life processing, of my encounters with people with whom I have share joys, sorrows, and surprises, those who are gone but still are alive in my heart. It is for them that as an artist I dig deeply in my happy feelings.

$3000 AUD

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