Artist Statement

The Mona Lisa is both classical and iconic, there is no doubt about it and what I wanted to do was to modernise it. Also, like many of my other artworks I tend to explore the relationship between people and money. In this work, all of the buildings are banks and I include the symbols of  luxury brands. The code L7OVII3 is the serial number of a bill and the 100 symbols represent the $100 bill. The  long wifi code is symbolic of having to be patient, to work hard and decode your life before you can make money. I tried to make Mona Lisa the Queen of a generation who wants success and money. 

Acrylic, spray paint, oil stick on cotton canvas

100 x 80 cm


More Info

Payment plans are an option on certain works, please contact us at info@19karen.com.au to inquire.


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