Yosuke Ueno



Acrylic on canvas

50 x 50cm


White and black, light and shadow, yin and yang, and scissors and butterfly… I often use contradictory pairs such as those in my paintings. The pairs appear similarly, but have quite opposite attribution…The other day, I was served sashimi of turban shell for a dinner. That hard shell looked both beautiful and grotesque to my eyes, and I felt like that shell was both alive and dead. That shell became a key and in these two pieces, I tried to express images which consists of contradictory natures of hardness and tenderness. Each piece is complete to have both poles, but you can also see those two pieces become another one contradictory pair.

$4000 AUD

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Payment plans are an option on certain works, please contact us at info@19karen.com.au to inquire.


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