Pippa McManus

Bitter Vice


Acrylic, charcoal, paint pens, soft pastel & spray paint on canvas

50 x 50cm


There was a definite shift in my emotional state towards the end of 2016. I’d had a particularly rough year and was coming out the other side of it while creating these two pieces. I was in the perfect position to reflect on the bitter and the sweet of that past year. Having had it easy for so long it was quite a slap in the face to be plunged into a dark place and try as I might as an artist I couldn’t manage to draw on those feelings. After all, I do only pretty, shiny, bright things. Then things started to look up and I was able to recognise the sweet in life. But I know I wouldn’t have recognised that without having experienced the bitter and these two pieces are my documentation and a solid reminder of that.

$1400 AUD

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