Byron Bay artist, Verity Nunan, draws upon architecture and life experiences to create her work, with commentary on the human condition as undertone. Upon first glance her vibrant, large scale paintings emulate graffiti style, but beneath that they are awash with surrealist narrative and challenge traditional ideas of composition and the linear relationship between time and space.

For her Masters Thesis, Verity explored the notion of ‘belonging’ from the perspective of those who live in public spaces or camps. Her findings were published in The Journal of Public Space, and influences her current body of work which formulates an extension of this research.

Verity works in a way that attempts to disarm the viewer and, in her own words, aims to “seduce them into an upside-down, topsy-turvy world that questions all human assumptions”. She draws her paintings in a language that is immediate, gestural and transparent, using it as a vessel to account for her own personal experience, and expressing with transparency and honesty when doing so, should there be any other way?


2018 Group Show, Thom Gallery, Byron Bay NSW
2018 Home without a House – public art instillation, Byron Bay Community Centre, Byron Bay NSW
2017  Watermelon Wonderland – Solo Show, Pop Up Gallery, Byron Bay NSW
2014 Group show, Nunan – Cartwright studios, Bangni Di Lucca ITALY




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