Tyler Scully

International Artist




Tyler Scully is an expressionist painter from San Francisco who is now currently residing in Los Angeles. Scully’s artwork portrays a sympathetic insight into the humanity of his subject, their environment and circumstances. The imagery featured in his paintings are often taken from pictures found on various social media sites in an endeavor to comment on the reality of the inhumane disconnection that modern society has become.

The texture and depth of his painting are created through layers of impasto and wet on wet techniques that gives his subjects a texture that deforms and decays the source material.  Other parts, such as the eyes or finer details, are painted more traditionally to create a smooth hyper realism that extenuates their remaining humanity and gives the viewer an insight into their psyche. The level of sympathy toward each subject ultimately depends on the way Scully currently views them.


My work focuses on the disconnection in an always connected, hyper sharing world. Misinformation, crafted identities, and detachment from humanity are perpetrated by this culture through media such as New outlets, Facebook, Omegle, Snapchat etc. therefore this is the majority of the imagery I draw from. Deconstructing people to expose a darker reality of isolation and inhuman nature of modern society.


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