Satirical and ironic, Stikki Peaches’ works invite you to pause, analyze, and will likely leave you feeling nostalgic. Originally from Montreal, his singular style is as popular in galleries as it is on the walls of the world’s busiest metropolises. His father a tailor and his mother a designer, Stikki Peaches’ first creative endeavours were in fashion design, an industry that deeply influenced his artistic practice. As a child, he was surrounded by sketches and drafting patterns, which he happily collected, reassembled, and transformed with paint and pencils. His style is rooted in this spirit of reusing and recycling, where a myriad of techniques are combined to reveal the influential figures of his childhood. His vibrant compositions feature mythical characters, political leaders, and cultural icons: Batman, Elvis Presley, and Mozart coexist, creating a startling juxtaposition of themes and aesthetics.

Stikki Peaches sees art as an escape, an outlet that allows him to move away from what hinders his growth as an artist and as a human. His tagline “What if Art Ruled the World?” fits this context. This question echoes the artist’s stance, suggesting that conflicts and disasters affecting our society would have no basis if the world were governed by art. Through his works, Peaches invites the onlooker to contemplate the effect and importance of art. His practice aims ultimately to democratize it: by taking his practice to the streets and incorporating pop culture references, Stikki Peaches distances himself from elitism and abstruseness often associated with the contemporary art world. Striking, colourful, and iconic, his pieces are well suited to digital culture, which values bold visual content.

The Montreal artist’s works are found in various private collections in the United-States, Europe, and Canada. Since 2013, Peaches steps out of the studio to participate in Mural Fest, an annual event celebrating graffiti art in Montreal. In 2016, his piece entitled MO.Z. was selected to adorn Romeo Gin’s first edition of bottles. His works were also featured during a special event at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.


2018 The Bootleggers II, Station 16 Gallery, Montreal CANADA
2018 Stikki Peaches | Rebels With A Cause, Next Street Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2018 Stikki Peaches at Art Angles, Art Angles, Los Angeles USA
2018 ChiaroScuro – A Stikki Obsession, Galerie LeRoyer, Montreal CANADA
2018 CLASH: An Urban Collective, Detour Gallery, Red Bank
2017 Forza, Galerie LeRoyer, Montreal CANADA
2017 Punto de Fuga, Museo del Tequila and Mezcal, Mexico City MEXICO
2017 Le Muse Del Muro Rosso, Solo Pop-Up Exhibition, Martina’s Gallery, Milan ITALY
2017 Beautanika : Wild Heart, Rebel Souls, Galerie LeRoyer, Montreal CANADA
2017 Cercle des Printemps du Mac Foundation and Auction, MAC Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Montreal CANADA
2017 The Bootleggers: A Stikki Story , Station Gallery, Montreal CANADA
2017 Urvanity Art Fair, Guest Artist, Madrid SPAIN
2017 Cheap Festival – Guest Artist, Bologna, ITALY
2016 Scope Miami, w/ Station 16 Gallery, Miami USA
2016 The Others Art Fair, with Martina’s Gallery ITALY
2016 Street Art Paradise, Galerie Geraldine Zberro, Paris FRANCE
2016 10th Year Anniversary Group Show, Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto CANADA
2016 MURAL International Art Festival, Montreal CANADA
2016 Cheap Festival – Guest Artist, Bologna, ITALY
2015 The Many Faces Of Mo’Z, Station 16 Gallery, Montreal CANADA
2015 Scope Miami, w/ Station 16 Gallery, Miami, Florida USA
2015 Summer Lovin, Parlour Gallery, New Jersey USA
2015 RED Expressionism Group Show, 19 Karen Contemporary Art Space, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2015 Best of the Worst, Case Bank, New York USA
2015 Scope NYC, with Station 16 Gallery, New York USA
2014 Study of Pose, Milk Gallery, New York USA
2014 Hot Mess, Station 16 Gallery, New York USA
2013 Fountain Fair, Station 16 Gallery, New York USA
2013 NYC meets MTL, Station 16 Gallery, Montreal CANADA
2012 Permanence, Space 27, Montreal CANADA

Other Projects & Achievements:

– Romeo’s Gin – Bottle Release (December 2015)
Romeo’s Gin is a brand new release from award winning Vodka makers, “Pur Vodka.” Romeo’s Gin, lets a local contemporary artist curate every edition. A portion of sales goes to the promotion of contemporary art in Montreal and beyond, while a portion also goes to helping young, underprivileged artists obtain art supplies. Stikki Peaches is the first artist to be featured by Romeo’s Gin with the piece “Mo’Z,” which is printed within the glass bottle. <>

– W Hotel Montreal – EAT Restaurant (December 2015)
This art installation was developed for EAT Restaurant, within the iconic W Hotel in Old Montreal.
With wheat pastes, aerosol paint, acrylic, house paint as well as silkscreen prints, this installation was one of the biggest to date. See more details on this installation at:


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