Ryan White

Represented Artist

Ryan White

Represented Artist

One of the youngest artists to join our gallery, 19 year old Gold Coast local Ryan White is fast becoming “one to watch”. Having painted in the Contemporary Realism style for over two years,  Ryan has developed an incredible skill in depicting nature in photographic detail. This is not easy to achieve with oil paint, but with persistence and determination Ryan is quickly refining his technique in painting what he really loves –  Australian landscapes.



In all of my work I try to convey my existential philosophy of optimistic nihilism in that nothing really matters and the odds are always stacked against us and everything around us.

The entropy of the universe is constantly tending towards disorder, but this, by no means, does not necessitate depression in me but instead wonder and appreciation. Despite all of the violent, natural processes that the universe facilitates, life has and continues to overcome the statistically improbable odds and instead flourishes.

With this philosophy in mind, to me, nature becomes infinitely more beautiful and inspires me to paint something of love letters to the landscapes that were forged by physics well within our understanding, but far beyond our power.


Having painted in Contemporary Realism style for over two years, Ryan has developed a substantial skill set particularly in landscapes with oil paint. As an emerging artist, he is quickly refining his technique and creating an increasingly well defined style that he believe is unique to him, both in subject matter and the technique itself.


2019 Duo Exhibition, Currumbin RSL, Gold Coast QLD
2018 D’Arcy Doyle Art Awards, Gold Coast QLD
2018 Highly Commended – Lethbridge 10000 Art Awards, Brisbane QLD
2017 Finalist – Radfly Youth Art Prize, Gold Coast QLD




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