Remy Uno began his artistic career as a graffiti artist in Marseille, France at the end of the 90’s. At first he would paint his name on street walls by forming large letters but over time his desire grew to paint people. Through his graffiti work the impact he left on his viewers created the demand for paintings on canvas and the transition from street to studio came to be. In 2002 Remy formed a collective by the name Lartmada and for the next 10 years he & his friends have been travelling the world painting wall murals. His work has been exhibited in Sao Paulo, New York, Caracas, Moscow, London, Johannesburg, Mexico, Yaoundé and Barcelona. Remy’s work has evolved to full figurative and portrait paintings on canvas. His intimate interpretations of life situations and stories are depicted in his signature style of cutting through the imagery with bold colors and energetic moves.


2018 PDV Street Art Festival, Bayonne FRANCE
2018 Emnancipation, Group Show, Le Couvent, Marseille FRANCE
2017 Punto de Fuga, Museo del Tequila and Mezcal, Mexico City MEXICO
2017 Urban Art Festival, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
2017 Trenta3, Rossoventisette Arte Contemporanea, Rome ITALY
2016 Vortice, Emilio Pucci, Milan ITALY
2016 HAPPY Group Exhibition, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, QLD AUSTRALIA
2016 The Way You Move, Espronceda, Barcelona SPAIN
2015 Collective Exhibtion at Musée Antoine Lecuyer, St Quentin
2015 In your face, Ausburg GERMANY
2015 MSAS Galerie St Laurent, Marseille FRANCE
2015 The Tarnished Age Group Exhitbition, 19 Karen Gallery, Gold Coast, QLD AUSTRALIA
2014 Under the Wave, Molitor, Paris FRANCE
2014 Pop Up Art Gallery, Berlin GERMANY
2014 Exhibition with Deuz – MP2013 de l’autre coté, Spacejunk, Bayonne FRANCE
2013 Marbour 2013, Marseille FRANCE
2013 Funny Zoo, Lartmada, Marseille FRANCE
2013 Pavillon M, Marseille FRANCE
2012 Pullmann, Marseille FRANCE
2012 Forum mondial de l’eau, Marseille FRANCE
2012 Juxtapoz, Marseille FRANCE
2012 Marbour 2012, Marseille FRANCE
2012 Zik Zac Festival, Aix-en-Provence FRANCE
2011 Marbour Events 2011, Marseille FRANCE
2011 Fresque du Palais Omnisports de Marseille avec Lartmada, Marseille FRANCE
2011 Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille FRANCE
2010 Upfest Festival, Bristol ENGLAND
2010 Cool Globe with Lartmada, Marseille FRANCE
2010 Marbour Event 2010, Marseille FRANCE
2010 Juxtapoz, Marseille FRANCE
2010 Performance for Mouv’art, Marseille FRANCE
2009 Burning Bridge, Brick Lane Gallery, London ENGLAND
2009 Auction Sale, Camilia Al Fayet, London ENGLAND
2009 Je t’Aime,  A Pure Evil Gallery, London ENGLAND
2009 Back to the city, Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA
2009 Auction Sale, Damien Leclere – Art Urbain 3, Marseille FRANCE
2009 Auction Sale, Damien Leclere – Art Urbain 2, Marseille FRANCE
2009 Exhibition, Open 13, Marseille FRANCE
2009 Charity Auction, La Croix Rouge, Marseille FRANCE
2008 Performance at “Por el medio de la calle”, Caracas VENEZUELA
2008 Nokia Yamake Art project, London ENGLAND
2008 Love will bring us apart again, London ENGLAND
2008 Gallery Nosco, London ENGLAND
2008 Fresco 600m2 with Lartmada, Tetovo MACEDONIA
2008 Auction Sale, Damien Leclere -Art Urbain, Marseille FRANCE
2007 Meeting of Style, New York USA
2007 Festival Pixografia, Sao Paulo BRASIL


2010 Residency for Mir Caravan 2010, Namur et Moscou
2010 Résidency with Baroque Graffiti au Centre Culturel Français de Yaoundé, Cameroun
2009 Résidency “the French year in Brasil″, Sao Paulo, Recife, Brazil

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