Charles Uzzell Edwards a.k.a. Pure Evil, grew up in South Wales and was, by his own account, the only new romantic in the village. His early passion for urban street style lead to him pursuing a fashion and graphics degree in London.  After graduating, the artist relocated to San Francisco where he designed for streetwear clothing line ‘Anarchic Adjustment’. Edwards immersed himself in the Arts culture prolific on the West Coast at the time, and it was there that he first noticed the work of street artists ‘Twist’ and ‘Reminisce’.

Upon his return to London, Edwards trajectory into the urban art scene was set as he worked on Banksy’s Santa’s Ghetto Guerrilla show, and promptly started spraying his signature bunny tag around London. In 2007 Charles opened Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch and six years later he opened his second gallery. These spaces have been an incubator for emerging street artists from around the world.

The “Pure Evil” moniker represents the inescapable bleakness in society, a tone that translates in his work. Eery drip-work, provocative phrases and a pervasive undertone hinting at our mortality all sustain his distinctive brand and style.

Edwards “Nightmare” series, depicting one dimensional portraits of iconic celebrities adorned with strategically placed drip work, has taken him around the world, recently showcasing successfully across the U.S., Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Indonesia and Mongolia.


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Sleepwalking Towards The Apocalypse, VS Gallery, Melbourne AUSTRALIA
2018 Pure Evil, Korsbarsgarden, Gotland SWEDEN
2018 Steel Shartpens Steel, Cindy Lisica Gallery, Texas USA
2017 Hidden In Plain Sight, Vertical Gallery, Chicago USA
2017 Murder & Love, C.A.V.E. Gallery, Venice, California USA
2017 Dream Baby Dream, Above Second Gallery HONG KONG
2017 Pure Evil, Reed Projects, Stavanger NORWAY
2017 Pure Evil, That Art Gallery, Bristol UK
2017 Death Valley, San Francisco USA
2016 Pure Evil Solo Show, The Quin, New York USA
2016 Pure Evil Echoes, Wunderkammen Gallery, Rome ITALY
2016 Pure Evil, Galle-ry Galle SRI LANKA
2015 The Temple of Broken Hearts, LondoNewcastle Project Space UK
2015 Handfinished, The Department Store UK
2015 Basically Disneyland, C.A.V.E Gallery, Venice Beach USA
2015 Pure Evil Goes Pop!, Elizabeth Weinstock, Los Angeles USA
2014 The Nightmare Series, Galleri Fold, Reykjavik ICELAND
2014 The Nightmare Series, The Saatchi Gallery USA
2013 Pure Evil, Double Exposure Culture Gallery, Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA
2013 Pure Evil Nightmare, The Hoxton, London,  UK
2012 Pure Evil Deconstructed Nightmares, Pure Evil Gallery, London UK
2012 Pure Evil Goes Pop!, Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City USA
2011 Pure Evil Nightmares, La Cantine De Faubourg, Paris FRANCE
2011 Pure Evil Nightmares, The Scarlett Gallery, Stockholm SWEDEN
2011 Pure Evil, The Garage, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
2011 Pure Evil, Abel And Baker Gallery, Cologne GERMANY
2011 The Last Good Time, Pure Evil Gallery, London UK
2011 Pure Evil, Pure Evil Gallery, London UK
2010 Strange Girls, Pure Evil Gallery, London UK
2009 Pure Evil Gallery, London UK
2009 Solo Show, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
2009 Dark Carnival, Choque Cultural, Sao Paulo BRASIL
2008 Urban Uprising, Sydney AUSTRALIA
2008 Live East Die Young, Ink’d, Brighton UK
2008 Run! The Old World Is Behind YOU, ATM, Berlin GERMANY
2008 Solo Show, Electrick Sheep, Newcastle UK
2007 Solo Show, Fake Space, Beijing CHINA
2007 Solo Show, Pure Evil Gallery, London UK
2007 Solo Show, Truman Brewery, London UK
2006 55 Gallery, NYC, New York USA

Group Exhibitions

2019 District 13 Art Fair, Paris FRANCE
2015 Masters Of Street Art, Magda Danysz, London UK
2015 Urban Art, Woolff Gallery, London UK
2015 Urban Pott, 44309 Street Art Gallery, Dortmund GERMANY
2015 New Artworks, Brugier Rigail, Paris FRANCE
2015 New Artworks, The Saatchi Gallery UK
2014 London Art Fair, Ink’d Gallery UK
2014 Almost (un)framed, Faber, Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA
2014 Urban Hacking, Avenue Des Arts HONG KONG
2014 Affordable Art Fair, NYC USA
2013 C.A.V.E Gallery, Venice Beach, CA USA
2013 Trailblazers, Above Second HONG KONG
2012 Unnatural Natural History, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol UK
2012 Bastard Children of Pop London UK
2012 Group Show, Lebenson Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2012 Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London UK
2012 Art Contemporain, Urbain AngersFRNACE
2012 Quick Moves, Mannheimer, Kunstverein GERMANY
2012 Stra-Da, Arthouse 59 CYPRUS
2012 International Urban Art Stade De France, Paris FRANCE
2011 Group Show, Lebenson Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2010 London Calling, Moscow RUSSIA
2010 Paste Modernism 2, Sydney AUSTRALIA
2010 Tiger Translate, Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA
2010 Anti Design Festival
2010 Wild Fantasies, Stolen Space Gallery, London UK
2009 A Shot In The Dark CZECH REPUBLIC
2009 Further Complication with Jarvis Cocker, London UK
2009 Go Get Your Shinebox Brooklynite, New York USA
2009 The Beautiful And The Canned, Brighton UK
2009 Cruel Britannia, Philadelphia USA
2009 Urban Myth, Culver City, CA USA
2008 Film Friends Forever, London UK
2008 Stella Dore Sebatian Guiness Gallery, Dublin IRELAND
2008 Not A Penny Off The Pay, Bristol UK


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