Philip Bosmans (Belgium)

International Artist

Philip Bosmans (Belgium)

International Artist

Philip Bosmans was educated as a graphic designer, but is a self-taught painter and street artist. If you look at his pop surrealistic work, you can see where his roots come from. All of Philip’s dreams, wanderings and fantasy worlds end up either the sketchpad or canvas. Philip’s artworks represent and characterize people’s dreams, grief, happiness or luck. Philip not only creates a world he can escape into himself but also gives the spectator the possibility to disappear from daily life for a moment.



Solo Exhibitions

2017 VOC, Hasselt
2017 Degussage, Maaseik
2016 Bazarts, Kermt
2014 De Coöperatieve, “Paper Trails”, Hasselt
2011 Artishox, Hasselt

Group Exhibitions

2017 Vertical gallery, Portrait, Chicago ,US
2017 Pjez Unik , Funny Things Happen, Antwerpen
2017 KVADRART, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 GoldenBoys “HK expo”, Hasselt
2015 ArtWhino gallery, “G40 art summit 2015”, Washington, US
2015 ArtWhino gallery, “We’re all DOOMed”, Washington, US
2015 Alley gallery, “Alleyversary”, Hasselt
2014 Au Fond du Bois, Tervuren
2013 Alley art gallery, “Deer Oh Dear” Hertkore group exposition, Hasselt
2013 Zeeuw-Art, Netherlands
2013 Exhi-B, Brussels
2012 Alley, Hasselt
2012 Artishox, Hasselt
2012 Fiend Art Festival, Antwerp
2011 Bloom Artfair21, Cologne, Germany
2008 400ML, Paris


Vector Illustration
Artaq 2012
Artaq 2011


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