Pop Surrealist artist, Philip Bosmans, has been carving himself a successful career in Europe and the States with various galleries inviting him to participate in group and solo exhibitions.
Philip’s paintings represent and characterize people’s dreams, grief, happiness or luck. Philip not only creates a world he can escape to, but he also gives the viewers that opportunity if they so choose to.

Philip is as talented with digital art as he is on canvas or concrete, constructing seemingly endless numbers of logotypes, and has won numerous awards, most notably the uber-prestigious Macworld UK Digital Artist of the Year Award 2011 for his work entitled “Origins of the Species”.

He has exhibited in solo and group shows in Germany, Paris, Netherlands, Brussels, Washington(US)


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Bodemloos, VOC, Hasselt BELGIUM
2017 Degussage, Maaseik BELGIUM
2016 Bazarts, Kermt BELGIUM
2014 Paper Trails , De Coöperatieve, Hasselt BELGIUM
2011 Artishox, Hasselt BELGIUM

Group Exhibitions

2019 Maasters, Wallery Gallery, Stockholm SWEDEN
2019 6th Anniversary Show, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, Illinois USA
2018 12′ x 12′, The Stockroom Gallery, Clifton Hill VIC AUSTRALIA
2018 KVADRART Expo, Stockholm SWEDEN
2018 5th Anniversary Show, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, Illinois USA
2018 Affordable Art Fair, Brussels BELGIUM
2018 Street Art Expo, Het Stadsmus, Hasselt, BELGIUM
2018 Bigger, Bolder, Better, Go Gallery, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
2017 Portrait, Vertical Gallery, Chicago USA
2017 Funny Things Happen, Pjez Unik , Antwerp BELGIUM
2017 KVADRART, Stockholm SWEDEN
2016 GoldenBoys “HK Expo”, Hasselt BELGIUM
2015 G40 Art Summit, ArtWhino Gallery, Washington USA
2015 We’re all DOOMed, ArtWhino Gallery, Washington USA
2015 Alleyversary, Alley gallery, Hasselt BELGIUM
2014 Au Fond du Bois, Tervuren BELGIUM
2013 Deer Oh Dear, Hertkore Group Exposition, Alley Art Gallery, Hasselt BELGIUM
2013 Exhi-B BRUSSELS
2012 Alley, Hasselt BELGIUM
2012 Artishox, Hasselt BELGIUM
2012 Fiend Art Festival, Antwerp BELGIUM
2011 Bloom Artfair21, Cologne GERMANY
2011 Artaq Group Exposition, Various destinations FRANCE and BELGIUM
2010 Artaq Group Exposition, Various destinations FRANCE and BELGIUM
2008 400ML, Paris FRANCE


Vector Illustration
Artaq 2012
Artaq 2011


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