Nicholas Osmond is relatively new to painting. With a degree in classical literature, a nursing qualification, work in probation and parole, the disability sector and the Green Corps and decades of experience as a country gardener, Nick took up painting just a few years ago when recuperating after a series of injuries left him temporarily unable to walk.

He lives in a pre-WWI weatherboard house (an ex priest rectory) on the banks of the Broadwater Creek in Moree, North West NSW where he paints of an evening after his day is spent outdoors gardening or working at the nursery.  He sometimes refers to himself as a gardener who paints.

Anchored in an intuitive sense of colour and guided by emotion, he works in a semi abstract style, painting figurative images based on past and current Australian narratives, to achieve a unity of colour.

At first, his only knowledge of painting was Sidney Nolan. He absorbed his style for months and years. This has further evolved through the influence of Adam Cullen, Paul Gaugain, Idris Murphy and Rhys Lees. A favourite quote of Gaugain is simply – ‘If you see a tree as blue, then paint it blue”

There is a great energy in his brushwork. Nick works wet on wet, with whatever colours are there. There is a flatness to the picture plane as he plays between depth and space, using the paints to create clashes in regard to the colours.

“I try to reduce detail and set emotion, as a means to create subtlety and greater space for colour to say everything.

My big dream is to able to communicate what life is like here, in Moree. The people, the trees and the light.”


I love to paint PEOPLE! Either as portraits or in a loose narrative style. My painting style is semi abstract, moving some times to realism. Often influenced by Sidney Nolan and Adam Cullen, I’m often also inspired by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Goya. Painting in a loose naive style works well given the in-distinctive way I paint. I require a very firm image, visualisation or photographic record to commence an artwork, yet believe most of the final image comes from the following artistic process and development.


2018 No Peace In Quiet – Art Auction & Exhibition, In support of ‘Livin’, The Project Agency, Cremorne NSW
2018 Rude Assembly, Group Show, Campbell Project Space, Surrey Hills NSW
2017 Solo Show, AK Bellinger Gallery, Inverell NSW
2016 Equus, Group Show, Olsen Irwin Gallery, Sydney NSW
2016 Group Show, Cooks Hill Galleries, Newcastle NSW
2016 Beneath Big Skies, Group Show, Moree Town and Country Club, Moree NSW
2015 Freedom Ride, Solo Show, Country Traders Home& Life, Narromine NSW


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