Mark Liam Smith is an oil painter born in Middlesbrough, England in 1973 and is currently based in Toronto. The artist developed an interest in art at an early age and spent much of his childhood drawing obsessively. After completing three bachelor’s degrees, Fine Arts (Painting), Science (Physiology), and Arts (Linguistics) at the University of Saskatchewan, he moved to Paris to continue studying art in some of the world’s greatest museums. In 2015 he returned to Canada to pursue a Ph.D. in Linguistics at McGill University.

Smith’s subjectivity lies in art-historic tropes, myth and narrative. Smith is colour-blind and he views this as a strength rather than a weakness by accentuating the use on non-local colours in his work.  The artist states, “Because I am colour-blind, I long had to rely on my knowledge of colour-mixing formulas to recreate skin tones and other local served only to restrict my expression. By viewing my colour-blindness as a strength rather than as a weakness, I began embracing the use of non-local colours to exaggerate the idea of subjectivity.”

Since moving to Toronto Smith’s work has been exhibited in galleries in Montreal, Toronto, London, and New York, and at art fairs such as SCOPE Basel, Art Seattle, Art Toronto, and Papier in Montreal. He has been granted the Emerging Artist Award by the Federation of Canadian Artists and two Ontario Arts Council grants. His art has been featured in Hi-Fructose, Booooooom, and Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine, among others.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), University of Saskatchewan

Bachelor of Science (Physiology), University of Saskatchewan

Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics), University of Saskatchewan



2019 PULSE Art Fair, Treat Gallery, Miami Beach

2019 Art Toronto, Galerie Youn, Toronto

2019 Satellite Art Show, Treat Gallery, New York City

2019 Papier Art Fair, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2018 Edition Art Fair, Akin Collective, Toronto

2018 Seattle Art Fair, Galerie Youn, Seattle

2018 Papier Montreal, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2017 Edition Art Fair, Akin Collective, Toronto

2016 SCOPE Basel, Art Ponte Gallery, Basel, Switzerland



2019 In Bloom Galerie Youn Montreal

2017 Of Centaurs and Men, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2016 Imagined Narratives, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto



2019 Threesome International Group Show, 19 Karen Contemporary, Gold Coast, Australia

2019 Summer Group Show, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2018 Get Noticed, Red Head Gallery, Toronto

2018 SALON VI, Project Gallery, Toronto

2018 Children of God, Costume House,Toronto

2018 Black & Noir, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2018 6th Anniversary, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2017 Flora, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2017 SALON V, Project Gallery, Toronto

2017 32nd Scarborough Arts, Bluffs Gallery, Scarborough

2017 Et Tu, Art Brute? Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York City

2017 ART x DESIGN, Vaughan City Hall, Vaughan

2017 Director’s Choice, 19 Karen Contemporary, Gold Coast, Australia

2017 555 Exhibition, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2017 New Works, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2016 Holiday Exhibition, Galerie Youn, Montreal

2016 A.I.R.S 2016, Federation Gallery, Vancouver

2016 It’s Art, D-Contemporary Gallery, London, UK

2016 Taste Makers II, Treat Gallery, New York City

2016 FRESH! 2016, JanKossen Contemporary, New York City

2016 Fleck Spring Show, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto

2015 10-Year Anniversary Show, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto

2015 Salon of Inclusiveness, The Black Cat Gallery, Toronto

2015 SALON III, Project Gallery, Toronto

2015 A.I.R.S. 2015, Federation Gallery, Vancouver

2015 Fleck Fall Show, Elaine Fleck Gallery,Toronto

2015 Flora, Hashtag Gallery,Toronto

2015 2nd-Year Juried Exhibition, The Black Cat Gallery, Toronto

2015 The Sex Show, Gallery 1313, Toronto



2017 Ontario Arts Council Grant, Visual Artist: Emerging

2017 Ontario Arts Council Grant, Exhibition Assistance

2016 International Confederation of Art Critics: Award recipient, London, UK

2015 Federation of Canadian Artists, Emerging Artist Award



2019 ArtSIDA 9 Charity Auction, Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montreal

2018 29th Annual Mistletoe Magic, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

2018 4th Annual Date for Dignity Gala, Calgary Pregnancy Centre, Calgary

2018 ArtSIDA 8 Charity Auction, AIDS Community Care, Montreal



2019 Featured in The Jealous Curator

2017 Featured in Novella Magazine

2017 Featured in Create! Magazine

2017 Featured in Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine

2017 Featured in Shoreditch Magazine

2017 Featured in Create! Magazine

2016 Featured in Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine

2016 Featured in Hi-Fructose Magazine

2016 Interview with Art Reveal Magazine (Issue 21) ISBN 978-1-36-690052-4

2016 Featured in Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine

2016 Featured in Creative Boom

2016 Featured in Booooooom

2016 Featured with Art People magazine

2016 Featured in Fragmentos de Moda

2016 Featured in Loqueva

2016 Featured by “30sec film artists” created by FILMARTIST Productions

2016 Kids CBC 2 Feature: My Job is Awesome

2016 Featured in Fleck Fine Art Spring/Summer

2015 Featured in Fleck Fine Art Fall/Winter

2015 Featured in Foodaholic