Artist Biography

Marcus Debie, aka GOMAD, is a colour-blind artist, born and raised in Holland where he still lives and works. Considered a pioneer of the Holland graffiti movement, Gomad’s thirty-year career has seen the artist paint in various locations around the globe.

Influenced by film, documentary and street art, Gomad’s work is described as post-neo graffitism, the fusion of photorealistic images in a mind bending surrealistic setup, against cubistic and organic shapes, in a Picasso or Hieronymus Bosch like composition.

Being colour-blind, Gomad has always had a specific relation with eyes and colours. When developing his signature style, this topic emerged as a reoccurring theme and the use of eyes became a moniker to his work. With qualifications in “Illustration” from the Academy of Arts of Sittard and experience in that industry, graphic elements also feature in the art of 𝗚omad.

Most recently, Gomad has been painting in oil paint, acrylics and spray paint creating versatility in his approach. Gomads works can be found in urban landscapes and contemporary art galleries throughout Europe, the US and beyond.


2021 C-Proof Art Expo, Heerlen, NETHERLANDS
2020 Wynwood Murals Fest & Urban Art Now, Miami, USA
2020 ARTinfect IV Vernissage, August, Kaiserslautern, GERMANY
2020 X23 Gallery, Leipzig, GERMANY
2020 KiV Fine Art Fair 2020 13th edition, Valkenburg, NETHERLANDS
2020 KUS Kultur-Späti Gallery, Berlin, GERMANY
2020 HQ Gallery, Denver, USA
2020 Marx & Marx Fine Art Gallery, Valkenburg, NETHERLANDS
2019 Bomb Shelter, Miami, USA
2019 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
2019 UnFramed Urban Art Expo 2019, Heerlen, NETHERLANDS
2019 ARTinfect IV Vernissage Kaiserslautern, GERMANY
2019 Blank Walls, London, UK
2019 Hung Up Prize, Nottingham, UK
2019 Surface Gallery, Keep It Street, Nottingham, UK
2019 Take a Butcher’s Gallery, Das Kapital, Düsseldorf, GERMANY
2019 HeArt Gallery, Hengelo, NETHERLANDS
2019 Alphen Art, Alphen Aan De Rijn, NETHERLANDS
2019 KiV 2019 12th Edition, Gerlach, Valkenburg, NETHERLANDS
2019 Marx & Marx Fine Art Gallery, Valkenburg, NETHERLANDS
2019 Blank Walls, Perth, AUSTRALIA
2019 Cava Baja Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN
2019 Zenith Art Gallery, Miami, USA
2018 Red Dot Miami Modern & Contemporary Art Show, Miami, USA
2018 Marx & Marx Fine Art Gallery, Valkenburg, NETHERLANDS
2018 Street Art City, Lurcy-Lévis, FRANCE
2018 Aachener Kunstroute, Aachen, GERMANY
2018 Europe Street Art & Graffiti, Galerie Openspace, Paris, FRANCE
2018 Dutch Street Art Awards, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
2018 Novelty, Boka Gallery, Arnhem, NETHERLANDS
2018 Zenith Art Gallery, Miami, USA
2018 Street Art City, Lurcy-Lévis, FRANCE
2018 Upfest Gallery, Bristol, UK
2018 Street Art Inside, HeArt Gallery, Hengelo, NETHERLANDS
2018 KvadrArt, Wallery Gallery, Stockholm, SWEDEN
2018 Cava Baja Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN
2017 Street Art in the Theatre, Heerlen, NETHERLANDS
2017 The Art of Painting, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
2017 Urbanity, Quartier, Geleen, NETHERLANDS
2017 HeArt Gallery, Hengelo, NETHERLANDS
2017 KvadrArt, Wallery Gallery, Stockholm, SWEDEN
2017 Vandal Art, Oss, NETHERLANDS
2017 ASA Go show, Go Gallery, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
2016 Getting Up, Heerlen, NETHERLANDS
2016 The Cathedrale of Art and Inspiration, Walls and Skin, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
2012 Street Art Expo ‘From the streets’, The Hague, NETHERLANDS

Selected Murals

11x5m Mural, Mira’Mir festival, Barcelona Spain
15x4m Mural, Wynwood-Walls, Miami USA
15x6m Mural, Street-Art-City, Moulins France
8x4m Mural, Step in the Arena festival, Eindhoven Holland
20x8m Mural, Kings of Colours festival, Den Bosch Holland
10x9m Mural, Tsilivi, Zakynthos, Greece
6x4m Mural, Upfest festival, Bristol UK
10x8m Mural, Mark Some festival, Antwerp Belgium
9x6m Mural, The Art of Painting, Amsterdam Holland



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