Marcus Debie, moniker GOMAD, was born in Sittard, The Netherlands in 1972, where he still lives and works. His thirty-year career has seen the artist paint in various locations around the globe.

Gomad’s artistic passion has been fostered by film and documentary in addition to aspects of street art. Indeed, his early interests the graffiti art scene has seen the artist seek out an artistic path painting in language where both urban accents and murals play an influential role.

With qualifications in Illustration, graphic elements also feature in his work, along with a juxtaposition of classic Greek art, surrealism and cubism.

The artist states, “Whenever I get the chance I will create work in my own personal and photorealistic style that often consists of intense eyes, hands, faces and animals in a very surrealistic and mind-bending set up. This ‘GOMAD’ style is combined with cubistic and organic shapes in some sort of a Picasso-like composition, better known as ‘post-neo-cubism’. This can be recognized in my attempt to harmonize anatomic proportion and graphic dynamics, true craftsmanship and skills.”

Most recently, Gomad has been painting in oil paint, acrylics and spray paint creating versatility in his approach.

Gomads works can be found in urban landscapes and contemporary art galleries throughout Europe, the US and beyond.


11x5m Mural, Mira’Mir festival, Barcelona Spain

15x4m Mural, Wynwood-Walls, Miami USA

15x6m Mural, Street-Art-City, Moulins France

8x4m Mural, Step in the Arena festival, Eindhoven Holland

20x8m Mural, Kings of Colours festival, Den Bosch Holland

10x9m Mural, Tsilivi, Zakynthos, Greece

6x4m Mural, Upfest festival, Bristol UK

10x8m Mural, Mark Some festival, Antwerp Belgium

9x6m Mural, The Art of Painting, Amsterdam Holland


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