Hyoung-Woo Lee (Korean name) was born in Gwangju, South Korea 1966. Since childhood he has loved to draw and went on to study Fine Art at the Hongik University.

Luke’s works are expression of allegories derived from social and historic happenings, and also reflected in various mythologies. His works have been represented in over 19 solo and 110 group exhibitions and 4 art fairs. He lives and works in Gwangju South Korea.


My painting starts with a story that does not interfere with anyone. Gods and Creators did not interfere with humans. So I am more free and fun than other arts. I think it should be.

I draw.

There is no past in my art. Because art does not want to stay in one place. But I am influenced by several painters. It simply does not mean copying or imitation. Their world is also a creative inspiration within me. Showing something new in the traditional painting. Something other than something special. It is also the source I seek. So I am looking for new beauty every day. Even if it is not .


M.F.A Graduate School of Hong-Ik University
B.F.A College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University


2018 Go to the Animal Story World, Haenam Dinosaur Museum, Haenam SOUTH KOREA
2017 Apologia, Gallery Doo, Seoul SOUTH KOREA
2017 Why we stick to the number zero?, Gallery coop, Seoul SOUTH KOREA
2017 Fiction, Gallery Onyou, Anyang SOUTH KOREA
2016 What is important, Gallery Coop, Seoul SOUTH KOREA
2014 Moment of spring flowers, found in the summer, Moodung Gallery, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA
2014 Interference, Jino Gallery, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA
2013 To see you smiling missed, Ilgok gallery, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA
2011 The Sea God of the rabbit liver does not desire, Ilgok Gallery, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA
2010 Is a daily challenge, Gallery Light, Seoul SOUTH KOREA
2009 Nonsense, Ilgok Gallery, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA
2009 Dalsori have no wish to dawn!, Ilgok Gallery, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA
2008 ‘+2,+1,0,-1,-2’, Gallery A&S, Seoul SOUTH KOREA
2006 From field over field, Cheltenham Artcenter, Philadelpia USA
2005 A way , Cheltenham Artcenter, Philadelpia USA
2004 It blooms, however, Shinsegye Gallery, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA
2002 Repose, Moin Gallery, Seoul SOUTH KOREA
2001 A Path, Moodeung Museum, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA
2000 The Wind from Pinewoods, Baiknyeon Gallery, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA


2011 – 2018  Art Fairs (Zhengzhou, China, Gwangju ACC, Seoul  COEX, Busan BEXCO )


1993 – 2018 Over 110 various group shows


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