Loribelle Spirovski

Represented Artist



Born in 1990 to a Filipino mother and a Yugoslav father, Lorribelle Spirovski lives and works in Sydney Australia.  Her biggest inspiration comes from artists such as Francis Bacon, with his characteristically claustrophobic spatial relationships between figures and their surrounds, David Lynch’s dreamlike surrealism, and Olivier Messiaen’s static musical tones.


I paint from the interior to recalibrate, to defragment and to liberate. In my practice I have found that portraiture enables me to reflect through the sitter, who becomes a conduit for both their own anxieties, as well as mine. My practice is an attempt to externalise internal conflict, creating a juxtaposition of movement and stillness that forms an unsettling effect, evoking a surreal and dreamlike quality. It is in this dreamlike place that the spectre of mortality emerges, and though my art is often considered ‘dark,’ I believe it is ultimately redemptive as it lays bare an emotional truth.


2012 Bachelor of Arts – Arts Education, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney


2019 Persona, Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay NSW AUSTRALIA
2019 Fantasia, Spoke Art/Paintguide, San Francisco CA USA
2019 Mondo Tondo, Arcadia Contemporary, Los Angeles CA USA
2019 Miami Art Fair with Arcadia Contemporary, Miami FL USA
2019 LA Art Fair with Arcadia Contemporary, Los Angeles CA USA
​2018 Untitled, Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
2018 Be Still , Guy Hepner Gallery, NYC USA
2018 ANON, Goodspace, Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA
2018 Strangers in a Room, Cambridge Studio Art Gallery, Melbourne, VIC AUSTRALIA
2018 Incognito, Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA
2018 Five and Under, Arcadia Contemporary, Pasadena, CA USA
2018 Meet Your Maker, Metro Gallery, Armadale, VIC AUSTRALIA
2017 Emerging, Gosford Regional Art Gallery, Gosford NSW AUSTRALIA
2017 Metro Gallery, Armadale, VIC AUSTRALIA
2017 Practice What You Teach, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA
2017 PROXY, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA
2017 The Other Art Fair Sydney, Australian Technology Park, Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA
2016 Untitled, Traffic Jam Galleries, Neutral Bay, NSW AUSTRALIA
2016 Summer Show, Metro Gallery, Armadale, VIC AUSTRALIA         ·
2015 Serbian Festival Pop-up Exhibition, Tumbalong Park,  Darling Harbour, NSW AUSTRALIA
2015 Selected works, St James Station, Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA
2015 Practice What You Teach, M2 Gallery, Surry Hills, NSW AUSTRALIA
2014 Take Home Archive, Fundraiser 2014, Archive Space,  Newtown, NSW AUSTRALIA


2019 Finalist – Archibald Prize
2019 Finalist – Portia Geach Memorial Art Award
2019 Winner – ‘Art Sghed Award’ – Lethbridge 20000 Art Awards
2018 Finalist – Portia Geach Memorial Art Award
2018 Semi Finalist – Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
2018 Finalist – Kilgour Art Prize
2018 Finalist – Archibald Prize
2018 Finalist – Collie Art Prize
2018 Finalist – Percival Portrait Prize
2018 Finalist – Bluethumb Art Prize
2018 Finalist – Hunters Hill Art Exhibition
2017 Finalist – Wyndham Art Prize
2017 Winner – Cambridge Studio Gallery Portrait Prize
2017 Finalist – ‘Emerging’, Gosford Art Prize
2017 Finalist – Hunters Hill Art Prize
2017 Finalist – Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award
2017 Finalist – Waverley Art Prize
2017 Finalist – Agendo Art Prize
2017 Finalist – Archibald Prize
2017 Finalist – Mosman Art Prize
2017 Finalist – Gosford Art Prize
2017 Finalist – Portia Geach Memorial Award
2017 Finalist – Hornsby Art Prize
2017 Finalist – 30 x 30 Art Prize
2016 Finalist – Hunters Hill Art Prize
2016 Finalist – Mosman Art Prize
2016 Finalist – St. George Art Awards
2016 Semi Finalist – Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
2016 Finalist – Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize
2016 Finalist – Bluethumb Art Prize
2016 Finalist – Portia Geach Memorial Award
2016 Finalist – Hornsby Art Prize
2015 Finalist – Muswellbrook Art Prize
2015 Highly Commended – International Women’s Day Art Prize
2015 Finalist – Black Swan Art Prize
2015 Finalist – Portia Geach Memorial Award
2015 Finalist – Kilgour Art Prize (Winner, People’s Choice Award)
2015 Semi-Finalist – Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
2015 Finalist – Blacktown Art Prize
2014 Finalist – Portia Geach Memorial Award
2010 Winner – Oxford Art Supplies Drawing Prize


2018 Palazzo Monti, Brescia ITALY
2018 Domremy College, Five dock, Sydney
2017 Fairfield AIR, Fairfield City Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney
2017 St. Patrick’s College, Strathfield, Sydney
2016 Fresh AIR – NSW Secondary School Artist in Residence Program – Fairvale, Cabramatta, Merrylands, Sydney High Schools


2018 Staff Spirituality Day, St Patrick’s College, Sydney
2017 Beyond Tick Boxes – Symposium, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney


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