Lois Harkin is a young, emerging artist based in Lincoln, UK. Within her art practice she focuses on ambiguity and how she can challenge this concept; producing pieces which can be open for interpretation. Lois enjoys working with environments and memories as she feels they hold an importance to everyone in some way. Her practice mainly focuses on painting and its ongoing development to engage and relate to an audience. However, Lois considers herself to be a multimedia artist and continues to work with installation, sculpture, audio, text and video.

Throughout the years Lois studied Art and Design and Fine Art at The Northern School of Art (formerly known as Cleveland College of Art and Design). She is currently studying for her BA(Hons) Fine Art at the University of Lincoln. Her education has given Lois the opportunity to challenge her own practice and bring it to a larger audience through exhibiting.

Lois has a bright future ahead!


Better Rearranged is a series of paintings exploring characteristics of the ‘ordinary’ home; unpretentious, warm and domesticated in manner of appearance; plain or ugly.

Showing the living room is the intention and focal point within the paintings, mainly focused on armchairs and sofas with additional line drawings of extra elements typically considered in a domestic living room.

As well as demonstrating domestic living, colour is another area focused on and considered within this body of work. Cutting down and editing the colours to a minimal palette broadens the understanding of how to use and where to apply colour overall, complementing the composition.


2017 – Current  BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Lincoln
2016 – 2017  Fine Art, Cleveland Collage of Art and Design
2015 Art and Design, Cleveland College of Art and Design


2019 ‘Better Rearranged’ feature, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Mermaid Beach, QLD
2018 Exploration of the Adolescent, Project Space Plus, Lincoln, Lincolnshire ENGLAND
2018 Continuous Lines, Studio 109 Gallery, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire ENGLAND
2017 Wave Collection, Hygge Room, Saltburn, North Yorkshire ENGLAND
2017 Something to Consider, Project Space Plus, Lincoln, Lincolnshire ENGLAND
2017 A Belated Reply, Project Space Plus, Lincoln, Lincolnshire ENGLAND






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