Krystalyn Jade was born and raised in Arizona, USA and currently lives and works in a studio near Boulder, Colorado.  Her initial artistic interests were in photography. As a child she would arrange objects from her grandparents’ travels to create intricate scenes to photograph, a preoccupation that eventually led her to creative photographic portraiture and avant-garde fashion photography.

In pursuit of more subjective expression, Jade experimented with oil painting, an exploration which hallmarked a new professional direction for the artist. Her work is dark and mystical, with undertones of the power of the cycle of death and rebirth. Jade’s creative drive is to communicate her idiosyncratic visual language for translation by the viewer, thereby creating a completing unique experience with the combination of those two variables.

The artist states, “Painting is how I best express what is on my mind. My process is largely about finding the right symbol or object to represent someone, something or even a place or time. Connecting with the viewer through their interpretation, takes the image on a new journey that can be entirely different from my own, because I intentionally imbue ambiguous meaning in the significance. This constant exploration for new symbols is my driving force so that I may better speak my deepest truths through, what is essentially merely, the creation of tiny marks.”


2021 SUMMER GROUP SHOW, 19 Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach, Australia