Kate McCarthy

Represented Artist

Kate McCarthy

Represented Artist

Kate McCarthy lives and works from the Bay of Fires on Tasmania’s East Coast. She relies on the memories triggered by her young sons developing milestones for her imagery which then is transferred into the purest works of shapes, colour and intent, full of mix media and patterns.  Kate’s solo show ‘The Fellows and The Bloodies’ exhibited at 19 KAREN in September 2011, which showcased her talent to time travel her audience back to an age of innocence and exploration.





Kate McCarthy is a Brisbane born artist, currently residing in Binalong Bay, Tasmania with her young family. Having completed units from three different degrees, including Bachelor in Fine Art Illustration, Queensland College of Art, Bachelor in Digital Art, 1995 Victoria University and Bachelor in Contemporary Art, Curtin University, Kate has always worked loosely in art and design. In 2004 she opened McCarthyism Contemporary Artspace, Sheffield, Tasmania, working with other artists and supporting residencies, including sound artist Ian Kitney, film maker Stefan Popescu and performance artist Casionova. Since the birth of Kate’s second son, she has focussed on producing her own art; 2011 saw her overseas debut in an Italian group show, a feature in The Age Sunday Magazine and her participation in the Sydney Fringe Festival.


Kate has spent time in the following courses at Queensland College of Art, Victoria University, and Curtin University. For various reasons she chose not to complete the course.
1993 Queensland College of Art, Bachelor in Fine Art Illustration
1995 Victoria University, Bachelor in Digital Art
2000 Curtin University, Bachelor in Contemporary Art


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Solo Show, Mathew Rachman Gallery, Chicago USA
2016 BIG + LITTLE solo show Penny Contemporary, May 6th- April 4th
2013 À mon tour – Koolamara, 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast
2012 Fun With Words, Penny Contemporary, Hobart
2012 Gallery Parnella, St Helens, Tasmania
2011/12 Brunswick Street Gallery 40×40 Show, Melbourne
2011 Sydney Fringe Festival, New Town, Sydney
2011 The Fellows and the Bloodies, 19Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, Queensland
2009 Self, The Wall Exhibition Space, Arts Tasmania Arts Centre Hobart
2010 Chux Redux, CSart, Reggio Emilia, Italy.
2008 ’78 Series, Wursthaus on Oliver, Launceston, Tasmania (Tourism Tasmania)

Group Exhibitions

2017 Group Show, Penny Contemporary, Hobart AUS

2017 Group Show, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast QLD

2017 CSArt, Reggio Emilia, Italy

2016 The Polygon Project international group show November 3rd – 14th

2016 HAPPY Group Exhibition, 19 KAREN, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
2015 RED Expressionism Group Show, 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast QLD
2014 Under 1 Roof, Group Show, New York
2014 A Tribute to Michael Jackson’s 10 Best Film Clips, 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, QLD
2012 “The Art of Spain” 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast
2012 Brunswick Street Gallery Photographic Group Show, Melbourne
2011 On the Wall with Leeloo and Finders Keepers, Carriageworks, Sydney
2011 An Indispensable Item, Gilligan Grant Gallery, Collingwood
2011  Homage to Frida, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, Queensland
2010  Aussie Girls, CSArt, Reggio Emila, Italia
2010 Down the Rabbit Hole, Whitespac3 Gallery, World Bar, Kings Cross, Sydney
2010 On the Wall, Finders Keepers and Leeloo, CarraigeWorks, Sydney
2010 Art Melbourne 10, Retrospect Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
2010 Who Got The Bunny, GILLIGAN GRANT GALLERY, Collingwood Australia
2009 Petit Travaux, Retrospect Galleries, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
2009 Art Melbourne 09, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2008 BSG Small Works (finalist)


2014 Poster design for Syndey Underground Film Festival
2014 Finalist, LCH Art Prize, Launceston
2013 Finalist Bay of Fires Art Prize
2012 Finalist DHG Art Prize (mural design), Prato, Italy
2008 BSG Small Works finalist
2004 Production Design ‘Rosebery 7470’
2004 Director McCarthyism Contemporary Artspace, Sheffield, Tasmania
Private collections throughout Australia, Italy and United States.


2016 Weekend Magazine, The Mercury

2015, Artescape Magazine

2015 Big Kids Magazine

2014/15 We Are Hobart, artwork feature

2013 Illustrated “John D. and Me” by Sonia Penny, also in the early stages of animating

2013 RAH Collective
2011 The Sunday Age Newspaper Magazine, June 19th, 2011
2011 Paradise Magazine, September 17-18, 2011
2011 Avant Card artist
2010 Pen and Paper Issue 5
2010 Kickcan and Conkers, May 2011
2010 Millard Boutique zine by Lady Millard (NY) SEX, BROWN and FIRSTS ISSUES
2010 Yen magazine online featured illustrator
2010 Pikaland feature
2010 Avant Card artist for SUFF callout for submissions
2010 Juxtapoz Online Artist Profile
2009 artwhatson, Artist to Watch
2009 Framelines Magazine
2009 Wet Ink, Issue 7
2009 Avant Card artist


Q. At what age did you begin creating art?
A. Two years.

Q. Why do you make art?
A. It’s a compulsion. I get very cranky if I don’t. Sometimes though I think it’s a subconscious call for praise.

Q. Who do you make it for?
A. Me and the few people that ‘get’ me.

Q. Do you plan out a piece or do you wing it?
A. Wing it.

Q. Do you have heroes? If so, who, if not why not?
A. Yes, other creatives.  Too many to name. Singer/songwriters, animators, painters, film directors, good parents, artistic facilitators.

Q. How do you decide when a piece of work is finished?
A. I salivate.

Q. Do you have your own cure for artists block?
A. Paint over it until it comes out.

Q. Do you think having an art education is important in order to be successful?
A. No. However I do think there is a difference between art and illustration where art considers the culture and history surrounding us and needs to ponder upon that. It is important to educate yourself to the ins and outs, including boring admin. (Which I secretly like).


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