Joachim Lambrechts, (born in 1986) was passionate about drawing and painting from his earliest years. Joachim’s interest in art generally evolved into a specific interest in graffiti quickly, when he discovered street art as a six-year-old boy in urban Antwerp Belgium.

After later commencing his study in art formally without graduating, he instead shifted his focus to practical facets of creativity and began experimenting with different approaches to his genre. Eventually, Joachim brought these skills back to the studio where he transferred his bold, diametric subjects to canvas. Paradoxically, the artist confesses the studio is where he feels most free, despite his creative roots stemming from the streets.

His versatility, however, extends beyond the canvass. He is resourceful and applies his creativity to the very skeletal stags of painting by making the canvases himself from materials sourced from the streets: making things from scratch has come to be Joachim’s trademark.

Clearly, this ingenuity has served him well, with the artist exhibiting solo in London in 2018 via Art Agency Graffiti street, something Joachim describes as a career milestone.

Joachim’s process is spontaneous, and his style is distinctive. He employs confident line work and contrasting colour, in addition to his exuberant compositions, with twisted and tangled form that is reminiscent of Cubism.  When you are in the presence of a Joachim, you know it, making his creations investable and collectable pieces.


2001 – 2004 Art Academy Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

Solo Exhibitions

2020 On the Spur of the Moment, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London

2019 223 DAYS’, Verbeeck Van Dyck Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2018 BORN TO PAINT, Graffitistreet, London, UK

2017 TILL DEATH DO US ‘ART’, Huberty & Breyne Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

WRITE & SQUEEZE, Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2016 BIPOLAR, Brato Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2014 KRANK, Aim Space Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Group Exhibitions

2019 THIS IS NOT A ZOO, Permanent & travelling exhibition, Canary Islands, Santa Cruz

2018 STREET MASTERS 2, Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2018 UNDER BRIDGE GROUP SHOW, Styleconception, Innsbruck, Austria

2017 STREET MASTERS 1, Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2016 MCA-DAY, MCA-Day, New York, America

2016 URBAN ET ORBI, Perry Kish Fine Art Gallery, Heerlen, The Netherlands

2016 UNDERGROUND GROUP SHOW 2, Graffitistreet, London, UK

2015 UNDERGROUND GROUP SHOW 1, Graffitistreet, London,UK


2018 Heverlee Beer, Glasgow, Scotland

2017 MOA_Masters Of Arts, Milan, Italy

2017 Hotel Bloom, Brussels, Belgium

2016 Balls&Glory, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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