James Price is an internationally acclaimed artist and maker. He uses the term ‘maker’ as its lot easier than listing himself as a video artist, installation artist, illustrator, photographer, animation director, painter, art director, live action director, documentarian, poet, writer and storyteller.

James has won lots of awards all over the world for his works. His drawings, films, writing, paintings, installations and photography mix elements of Folk art and contemporary Abstraction to help connect the dots between our history, our identity and our inner ‘primal’ self.

In 2017 James completed a prestigious commission from Transport NSW to create an animated lm created for a 23 metre by 3 metre screen in Sydney’s Wynyard Station. The film re-imagined vintage Mugshots from the Sydney Living Museums collection to ask questions about the way Australian culture idolises elements of it’s criminal past. Consisting of over 2500 drawings made with pencil and paper the film remixes history and cultural ideology for 30,000 people a day.

Over the last 18 months James has been working on a project with the Broken Hill Gallery supported by Arts NSW. The project involves drawing 800 people from the history of Broken Hill onto an unused house in the outback town. The work explores ideas about how history shapes our sense of place, and how we can use space to redefine identity. The project has involved extensive collaboration with community groups – including historical societies, schools, sporting clubs, museums and community groups.

James has collaborated across the globe telling stories with such dynamic cultural curators as TED, The Washington Post, MTV, Coca Cola, Sony and The BBC. He has creatively overseen projects ranging in scale from $5,000 to $1.7 Million.

Whether telling his own story or helping other people tell theirs he strongly believes that communication works best when it comes directly from the imperfect heart of its creators.

Following stints living and traveling all over the globe – including a decade working from his own highly successful studio in New York, James currently resides in Melbourne. He considers himself a citizen of the world (which is rubbish, because both his passport and his accent say he’s Australian).


2019 Stockroom Group Exhibition, Boom Gallery, VIC

2019 The Sun Sat Still & Smiled Solo Exhibition, Boom Gallery, VIC

2019 Big Boom Group Exhibition, Boom Gallery, VIC


2019 Nude and Naked Art Prize – Finalist, Manning Gallery


2020 Broken Hill City Council ‘Natives’ Mural – A mural project that told the story of the use of native plants to help protect the town.

2020 City of Melbourne ‘Strangers’ Animated Film created with funding from the COVID-19 grants program.

2020 City of Kingston ‘AL&Da’An animated projection work for the city of Kingston Bridge Projection space that explores the parallel identities of Mentone Beach as a community space.

2020 City of Booroondara Grace Park Murals A series of 2 murals for The City of Boorondara that encourage play and an active lifestyle.

2020 City of Adelaide Plunge A large scale animated mural created for the Adelaide festival centre that explores the collapsed history of the site, and it’s former life as The Adelaide City Baths.

2019 Lake Macquarie City Council, Awaba House Mural A mural for the exterior of the new gallery and Awaba House that highlights the areas

2019 Georges River Council ‘Christmas Mural’ – A mural that celebrates what Christmas means in a contemporary Australian city – diverse foods, diverse pass times, and no hint of snow.

2019 City of Port Phillip ‘South Melbourne Market Artist Residency’ A residency created while working from the South Melbourne Market. The project highlighted the uniqueness of the market, and the concept of visible labour as a connection to community.

2019 Nillumbik Council ‘Hurst’s Neon Ghost Cottage’ A site specific digital projection work that tells the story of the murder of Henry Hurst by a bushranger in the 1880’s.

2019 Olympic Park ‘D’Arcy’s Digital Dream Quilt’ An animated projection work that explores the post colonial history of the area that would become the home of the 2000 Olympics.

2019 Broken Hill City Council & Art Gallery ‘800 Souls’ – An installation consisting of over 800 drawings of people from the history of Broken Hill – drawn onto the interior of an abandonded space. The work explores ideas of community, history, and cultural space.



2017 Transport NSW ‘History’s Page’ A large scale animated work that explores Sydney’s criminal history on a massive 23 metre by 3 metres screen at Wynyard Station.

2005 – Present Cultural Storytelling and art making in collaboration with organisations and brands. Clients include Netflix, ABC, MTV North America, TED, The Washington Post, Sony and The BBC (UK).