Born in Guadalajara, Mexico but now residing in the lively coastal town of Los Cabos – Hugo C Aguilar is an artist who is constantly reinventing himself, as he freely experiments with different techniques, elements, materials and art movements.

With more than 18 years’ experience walking the multidisciplinary path in the visual arts, Hugo’s creative works incorporate mixed media, found objects and painting.

“Technically, I consider myself a constructor more than artist. I try hard to stay apart from traditional rules and pre-established techniques of art.”


Everything starts from what I call “The Middle Point”. An agnostic and objective perspective, no religions, no political parties. These neutral basics have allowed me to maintain my primitive side almost intact in order to base my beliefs and philosophies in the most sincere way possible, with fair innocence, but not having this as a banner that may lead me to hypocrisy.

I am a practical human who tends to complication; my tireless search takes me to this imminent encounter point with my inner self to define my life goals and to restructure my human values as well.

Technically, I consider myself a constructor more than artist. I try hard to stay apart from traditional rules and pre-established techniques of art… do to my very personal and stubborn idea that gives a supreme value to my natural instinct. Today I paint less and build more; I work with freedom, I create with no limits, I simply enjoy to play and build with what I have handy.

Through my work, I intend to express my faith and firm belief that despite social contamination… we can still find an equilibrium point that allows us to value ourselves in an introspective way. If we understand that from life there is nothing to understand, that in the end everything summarizes in four letters (LOVE)…  then, and only then, we will be free for eternity.

At this precise moment, I am just a human being in pure and full metamorphosis who doesn’t walk asleep any more.


Plastic / Visual Arts (autodidact)
Traditional sculpture: Master Oleg Lovykin from Rusia (personal atelier), Palo Alto, California.
Apparent finishes on Painting and sculpture: Rachel Ritter from Canada (personal studio),
Hayward California.
Drafting: Lenney College, Oakland California (not complete).
Languages; English and Spanish.
NOTE: Constantly reading and documenting regarding art and everything related; composition, psychology of color and forms, history etc.


Hugo Aguilar – ARTE (2012 – TO THE PRESENT):
– Plastic/Visual Artist and creative director.
– Design and administration

Hugo Aguilar – GALERÍA, San José del Cabo BCS, Mexico (2015 – 2016):
– Founder and creative director.
– Permanent Artist exhibiting in the Gallery

Cabo 8, Los Cabos, Mexico (2015 – TO THE PRESENT):
– Official Artist member of the group.
– Founder and Director.
– Public Relations and Logistics.
– We are a group of eight multidisciplinary artist currently residing in Los Cabos, Mexico. Eight creative minds with the same introspective philosophy that promotes and shares a cultural vision to society

Bay Foam Incorporated, Hayward California, United States (2000 – 2007):
– Design and structure for creative theme projects and scenery.
– In charge of directing fabrication as well as the montage.
– Official Artist (sculptor, painter and creative)

Sierra Pacific, Sacramento California, United States (2007 – 2008):
– Production Manager.
– Design and supervision of artistic and architectural projects.
– Managing different administrative areas.
– In charge of managing groups of 50-100 employees.
– Direct treat with the client (from beginning to end of project)


2020 Art Capital Paris, Grand Palais of Paris, FRANCE
2019 Threesome International Group Show, 19 Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach QLD, AUS
2019 EZPERANZARTE Arte Exhibition at Agave Art Studio, Los Cabos MEXICO
2019 Art Capital, First Mexican to represent at Expo, Paris FRANCE
2018 Cabo 8 – Arte en Movimiento, Galeria Carlos Olachea Boucsieguez, Laz Paz MEXICO
2018 Cabo 8 – Art & Wine, Koral Center, San Jose del Cabo MEXICO
2018 Charity Exhibition for ‘Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, Cabo 8, Cafe Des Artistes, Cabo San Lucas MEXICO
2017 8th Biennial of Visual Arts, South California USA
2017 Andre Malraux – House of Youth and Culture, Montbard FRANCE
2017 Solo Exposition, Infusion Cafe, Cabo San Lucas MEXICO
2017 Exhibition of the Honorary Gallery of Mexico, Dijon FRANCE
2016 International collective exposition, Gallery Domos Romana, Via Quattro Fontane, Rome ITALY
2016 Metamorphosis – Portraits of an Assay, Centro de Cultura Cartaginesa, Cartago COSTA RICA
2016 Permanent collective exposition of the “Cabo 8” , Snell Art Gallery, District of Art, Cabo san Lucas MEXICO
2016 Metamorfosis de un Adan sin nombre, Snell Art Gallery, District of Art, Cabo San Lucas MEXICO
2015 Cabo 8 Cabo 8, Charity Art Exposition, Cabo San Lucas MEXICO
2015 Collective Exposition to promote the arts in the young community of Los Cabos, ITES Los Cabos (Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores), Cabo San Lucas MEXICO
2015 Collective exposition, Gallery “El Cerrito del Timbre” Los Cabos MEXICO
2015 SIMBIOSIS, Collective exposition, Hugo Aguilar – Galería, San Jose del Cabo MEXICO
2015 Metamorfosis de un Adan sin nombre, Solo exposition to inaugurate my first gallery, Hugo Aguilar – Galería, San Jose del Cabo MEXICO
2014 Collective exposition with more than 50 artists, FIAV (International Visual Arts Festival), San Jose del Cabo MEXICO
2013 Series – Ecos del Alma (collective exposition), Hotel Casa Dorada, Los Cabos MEXICO
2013 Series – Ecos del Alma (solo exposition), City Hall of San José del Cabo, Los Cabos MEXICO
2013 Collective Exposition to promote the arts in the community, Restaurant 12 Tribus Los Cabos MEXICO
2013 Collective exposition with Alfredo Sosa (San Luis Potosí- Mexico), Enrique Samaniego (Chihuahua – Mexico) and Conrado Domínguez (Mexico City), Avant Garde Gallery, Los Barriles  MEXICO
2013 Collective Exposition, Tax Accounting exhibition room, Los Cabos MEXICO
2013 Ojos, ventanas del Alma, Collective Exposition with Master Alfredo Sosa, Iconographic Cultural Center of La Paz MEXICO


– 2019 Exhibition at Koral Desk
– 2019 International Art Exchange, Conjunto Santander De Artes Escenicas, MEXICO
-2019 Live Painting at Agave Art Studio, Los Cabos MEXICO
Macy´s Annual Flower Show, San Francisco California:

– 2006 Theme “India” : Great format Hindu sculptures and representative animals from Indian culture (sculpted on StyroFoam)
– 2005 Theme “China” : 45´ Chinese Dragon and a series of 100 Terracota Warriors ( everything sculpted on StyroFoam)
– 2004 Theme “Mexico” : Series of Mayan sculptures sculpted on StyroFoam
– 2003 – Theme “Brazil”: Replica of Rio di Janeiro´s Redeeming Christ sculpture (45´ tall and sculpted on StyroFoam). Collaborating with Master Oleg Lovykin from Russia.

Fry´s Electronics Stores:
– Arizona: Facade of apparent rock with a prehispanic snake
– San Marcos California: Theme project dedicated to “The lost city of Atlantis” (great format sculptures of different marine species)

La Brea Park, Los Angeles California:
– Great format recreative sculptures with the theme “Saber tooth Cat” (collaborating with Master Oleg Lovykin)

Lord of the Rings, Hayward California:
– Theme event; Series of sculptures based on the Lord of the Rings movie
Rain Forest Café en San Francisco California:
– In collaboration with other artist, we recreated a forest ambient with a full series of diferente
species and animals, some of them were mechanical to reach the highest level posible to create a
very realistic environment

Rain Forest Café in San Francisco California:
– In collaboration with other artists, the Project was created to give life to the forest within the Restaurant
– All kinds of animals that live in forest areas were sculpted and made. Some static and others with mechanical movements to reach an impressive level of realism

Yenekamú, Los Cabos Mexico:
– 2 great format sculptures of a local legend (these pieces were in a tour all around Baja California with the epic show “Yenekamú”

Regional Museum of Anthropology and History, La Paz BCS, Mexico:
– A series of hyper realistic human figures of the original natives from the region of Baja California
(these pieces are exhibit permanently in the Museum since 2013)

Circle of Stars, Barceló Hotel in San José del Cabo BCS:
Scenography for a theme event based on a night of stars. In collaboration with the teacher Alfredo Sosa

Oscar Delivery (Theme Event):
2 Large format sculptures of the popular ¨ Oscar statuette

La Ballena, Los Cabos Mexico:
– Impulsed by the PDCM (Programa Cultural de Desarrollo Municipal) Government and direction of
culture in Los Cabos Mexico
– 2 Great format itinerant sculptures of the Humpback Whale. They were split in half to see their inside organs to have a better look and understanding of a whale organism


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