Guim Tió Zarraluki (Spain)

International Artist

Guim Tió Zarraluki (Spain)

International Artist

With 87,000 followers on Instagram and 65,000 on Facebook, Guim Tio doesn’t have the time to do anything else but to paint. His strongest following comes from Taiwan where he is treated like royalty each time he visits and has sell out shows. Guim Tió Zarraluki was born in Barcelona. Guim’s signature style started with painting over the pages of magazines but recently he moved into his new studio and with extreme new motivation he has taken it one step further and now he paints people and animals he personally knows directly onto canvas and wood. Guim Tio creates colourful characters, both funny and intriguing like no other artist we know.





My name is Guim Tió Zarrluki and I was born in Barcelona in 1987. I have completed an  Arts and Craft degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. My career in the world of painting began with the exhibition Art<30 on the Sala Parés Gallery of Barcelona in 2010. Also in the same year, I did a selection of work for the private collection of the Patrim Foundation of the University of Barcelona. On September 2011, I presented The Gang of Childhood, a solo exhibition, which was in Artevistas Gallery of Barcelona. There I exhibited “The Facebook Project” which was a work in I painted a selection of pictures of some of my “friends” on Facebook that I had received from them previously. I have also exhibited in many different cities such as Strasbourg (France), Madrid (Spain) or Amman (Jordan) and I am currently exhibiting at the WWA Gallery of California (United States).



Spanish artist Guim Tio is forever evolving. After a succession of magazine portraits which launched his career and sold out worldwide, six months ago Guim made the announcement that he is putting this project behind him once and for all. In the past 6 months Guim has been painting portraits of a different kind and now, once again he decided to venture into a series of faceless portraits with the opening of his first solo show in Australia.
His new and exciting body of work titled the Palette People has been favourably accepted by his 68,000 followers on Instagram. Guim is flying from Spain especially to be with us at his opening. Please join us to make him feel welcome in Australia.



2016 Now Remember, Miquel Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Present, Yiri Arts, Taipei Taiwan
2015 Van Coniguim, Loppis Gallery, Parma, Italy
2015 Palette People, 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2014 Univers, YIRI ARTS, Tapei, TAIWAN
2013 Girls, Loppis Gallery, Parma ITALY
2013 Untitled, 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2013 Dark Side Of Moon, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, TAIWAN
2012 Beauty & Beast, Miscelanea Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2011 The Gang Of Childhood, Artevistas gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2010 Magazine, Centro Civico del Guinardo, Barcelona SPAIN


2016 HOPE – Charity Exhibition, YIRI ARTS, Taipei TAIWAN
2014 Taxidermista, Setba Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2014 Us Festival, Barcelona SPAIN
2014 Biennale Marrakech, Marrakech MOROCCA
2013 Delicartessen, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2012 Minimart, Fifty 24mx Gallery MEXICO
2012 RojoRojo, Miscelanea Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2012 Delicartessen, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2012 Simbiosis, Iam Gallery, Mardrid SPAIN
2012 This is so Contemporary, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver CANADA
2012 The Art of Spain, 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2012 About Face, WWA Gallery, California USA
2012 Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2012 Patrim UB, Casa Fuster, Barcelona SPAIN
2012 Reskate, Ikara, Barcelona SPAIN
2011 Body Snatchers, Nereida Productions, Barcelona SPAIN
2011 Delicartessen, Esther Montoriol gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2011 Faces, Foresight Gallery, Amman JORDAN
2011 Lucy in the mad world with Manson, Sho Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2011 Pasen y vean, Tipos Infames, Madrid SPAIN
2011 Selected work, On/Off Exhibition, Santa Mònica, Barcelona SPAIN
2011 Group show, Jardin En Ville Gallery, Carcassonne FRANCE
2011 Reskate, Berlín GERMANY
2010 XV Exhibition d’Art Jove Stripart, Barcelona SPAIN
2010 Finalist Art <30 _2010 Sala Parés, Barcelona & Facultat de Bellas Artes UCM, Madrid SPAIN
2010 Sense Títol 06-10,UB, Barcelona SPAIN
2010 Selected work, private collection Barcelona Univeristy Fundation SPAIN
2010 St-Art 2010 European Contemporary Art, Strasbourg GERMANY
2010 Finalist Paco Merino, La Gralla, Granollers SPAIN
2010 Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2008 XIII Exhibition d’Art Jove Stripart, Barcelona SPAIN
2009 V Exhibition d’Art Multidisciplianar Inund’Art, Girona SPAIN
2009 XIV Exhibition d’Art Jove Stripart, Barcelona SPAIN


2016 Art Madrid, Galería de Cristal de CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Art Tainan, Tayih Landis Hotel, Tainan TAIWAN
2015 Art Madrid, Galería de Cristal de CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid SPAIN
2014 Art Tainan, Tayih Landis Hotel, Tainan TAIWAN
2014 Art Apart Fair, PARKROYAL on Pickering SINGAPORE
2013 Doors Art Fair, Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul KOREA
2013 Art Kaohsiung, Chateau de Chine, Kaohsiung TAIWAN
2013 Young Art Taipei, Sheraton Hotel, Taipei TAIWAN


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